A Man Fatally Shot His Wife And Three of Their Children in San Diego

A Man Fatally Shot His Wife And Three of Their Children in San Diego

A Man Shot His Wife And Three of Their Children

California authorities said a man fatally shot his wife, three of his children, leaving a room in surgery, and then himself, less than 24 hours after she obtained a restraining order against him.

Authorities said the man, the husband separated from the woman, fatally shot her and three of her children, ages three, five, and nine, before shooting himself. It was also said that the man had shot his eldest son, 11, who was taken to surgery.

Poice Statement

The San Diego Police Department said the shooting occurred in Flintridge Drive in the Paradise Hills neighborhood of San Diego, California, Saturday morning, according to Fox 5.

Police said 11 years old was said to be in critical condition as of Saturday afternoon, according to NBC San Diego.


Police told Fox 5 that they received a call at 6.49 am on Saturday, but no one spoke with the dispatcher. You could hear discussions in the background.

Police said a neighboring relative made a second call to 911, which he was calling to report the discussion and what apparently sounded like a nail gun fired inside the house.

When the officers arrived, nobody opened the door. The officers then looked out the window and saw a child covered in blood, which led them to enter the property. Inside, they found the five people who had been shot.

The son, the man, and the three-year-old woman had died at the site of the horrible shooting, while the five and nine-year-old children died in the hospital. SDPD Lt. Matt Dobbs told reporters that the incident “seems to be a tragic case of domestic violence, murder-suicide.”

Police said the shooting occurred less than 24 hours after the 29-year-old woman received a restraining order against her separated husband, according to the New York Times. Police said during a press conference on Saturday that officers had responded to the address of Flintridge Drive in early November, where they found the separated couple arguing over a set of tools. It was said that the man had been asking the woman for the tools, but left when the police arrived. Then, police said they gave the woman information on how to file a restraining order. Police said the woman appeared to have secured her restraining order on Friday and that the man knew she had done so before carrying out the murder-suicide.

However, it is not clear if the restraining order had been filed against the man. Police said the man is the only suspect in the case and is not looking for anyone else in connection with the shooting. The house is just one block from the elementary school.

More Facts You Need To Know

  • Five family members, including three children, have been shot dead in San Diego
  • A man, 31, woman, 29 and three boys – ages 3, 5 and 9 – were fatally shot 
  • A fourth child, age 11, was said to have been taken to surgery after the incident 
  • Police said the man – the woman’s estranged husband – was the shooter
  • He was said to have shot the woman, their four children, and then himself  
  • Police said the shooting came less than 24 hours after she obtained a restraining order against him and that he knew she had done so 

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