He is only 31 years old but has such an intense life that, no matter how much some people envied years ago, we would not want anyone we love.

The Carter family has a life worthy of any successful soap opera. Marked by early and worldwide success, the family went from having everything to live in misery. Addictions and scandals became common in their lives and there were even tragic outcomes.

In the 90s Backstreet Boys were the most and all their members were true stars turned into idols of millions of people, including Nick Carter. His younger brother, Aaron Carter, who was just a child, took advantage of the pull to launch his own proposal and become a teenage idol.

They seemed to have everything but it is already known that in these cases, it is normal that there are almost as many lights as shadows and in this family there began to be many.

In 2014 Aaron was arrested, along with his girlfriend at the time, and charged with drug possession and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. About a month ago, he was caught trying to sell a dog from a shelter on social networks. His last girlfriend, the Russian Lina Valentina has asked for a restraining order.

And he has not only had to deal with his problems but also with those of his family. His mother suffered abuse and was also addicted. His sister Leslie suffered depression and died in 2012 from an overdose of medications.

And even Nick himself has been involved in several controversies that include a complaint of rape. Without a doubt, a life full of complicated moments that do not seem to come to an end.

Aaron has gone through an American television program called The Doctors to talk about the mental illness he suffers, which are not few. ” The official diagnosis is that I suffer from multiple personality disorders: schizophrenia, acute anxiety, I am a manic depressive, a disease that is also known as bipolarity,” he said live.

He even showed a plastic bag full of the medications he had to take daily. “ This is my reality. I have nothing to hide, ”he added.