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Aaron Van Langevelde
Aaron Van Langevelde

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Aaron Van Langevelde of Charlotte is a policy adviser and serves as an assistant legal counsel at the Michigan House of Representatives Republican Office of Policy. Member for only two years. Langevelde will represent the Republicans and fill the void created by Colleen Pero’s resignation.

Aaron Van Langevelde Education

Van Langevelde received a bachelor’s degree in history from Michigan State University with a focus on business and political science and a law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, Western Michigan University.

Aaron Van Langevelde Career

Previously, he served as an assistant prosecuting attorney at the Branch County Attorney General’s Office. Another GOP agent, Van Langevelde, was a deputy county attorney in western Michigan before becoming a policy adviser and legal counsel for House Republicans.

Certification of General Election Results

The Michigan State Canvassers Board will meet on Monday afternoon to approve the results of the November 3, 2020, General Election.

It is unclear how another Republican board member Aaron Van Langevelde will use the game. Two Michigan Republican sources who wanted to calm the tense situation bubbling in the state ahead of the meeting told CNN on Monday that they believe the certification will take place on Monday. ”

Both men rejected Trump’s suggestion that the State Legislature should intervene in the election of presidential voters, and election experts agree that Michigan law provides no mandate for such intervention.

When the board met on Monday, it did not specify how it planned to vote. Chatfield and Shirkey’s efforts to spill cold water on Trump’s fraud allegations show that Van Langevelde is ready to cast the decisive third vote for approval on Monday, and the election vote in Michigan will dispel doubts about the fate.

Aaron van Langevelde

Like their two Democratic counterparts, Shinkle and Van Langevelde were appointed on the recommendation of their party’s elected leaders. But now the officials of the executive branch and the perfunctory tasks they must fulfill when the State Canvas Board meets in Lansing on Monday are clearly defined in state election laws that have been in the books since Dwight.

All that remains is that conscientious public officials honor their oaths of duty, fulfill their duty in accordance with the law, and Michigan voters inform the nation that our state is dedicated to 16 electoral votes, Joe Biden.

This responsibility falls the most on the couple whose photos appear here: Norman Shinkle and Aaron Van Langevelde, two Republican members of the Michigan State Canvas Board.