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Abraham Knofler
Abraham Knofler

Abraham Knofler Wiki – Abraham Knofler Biography

Ibrahim “Avrumy” Knofler was also identified as the man who protested in the Bed-Stuy cage on the morning of June 18th on the window “Black Lives Matter” with a loyal MAGA backing, believing that the coronavirus is a scam.

Abraham Knofler Viral Video

“I wanted to drink my coffee this morning,” said Rona Singh at Reddit at first. But this racist scum decided that it was time to “protest” about educating us and “how all lives matter”

The incident at Burly Coffee / Better Read Than Dead on Koscuizsko Street was caught in the video by Rohan Singh at around 9:30 am on June 18. . I just wanted to drink coffee. But this racist ** hole decided that it was time to educate us and “protest” about “how all lives matter”.

Knofler can be heard by arguing with an employee, pointing to the sign and saying, “The most racist thing here is not racist … This is offensive and I want you to make this mark.” He gathered a few viewers and, while encouraging Knofler to leave the employee alone – he said it caused discomfort, including a neighbor directly from the apartment above – he refused and continued to argue with him: “This sign caused the whole problem” repeated several times. “The sign is causing the problem, not me.”

“I don’t understand why this is so offensive to you, to see something saying that ‘Black Lives Matter,’” the store’s employee tried to explain to Knofler. “It’s not saying that all lives don’t matter, it’s just saying that Black lives matter because they haven’t mattered in this country ever.”

Knofler continued to bring a few conservative speech points – just as Republicans freed slaves – and above all, he refused to wear a mask. “Why do I need a mask?” asked. He repeatedly asked before saying “all lives matter” and claiming he was protesting. At the beginning of the discussion, he said, “A pandemic scam, just put the mask on as you wear it, because you have said everything you have been told, but you are not using your head.” you are stupid. ”

Knopfler’s video about the confrontation that Gothamist examined was shared in a WhatsApp group called “All Lives Matter”. Singh added that while Knofler was nonviolent on Twitter, he added that “there is a terrible situation for the barista stuck there. I feel really bad for him. ”

In an Interview, Knofler said he was protesting for All Lives Matter Knofler confirmed to Gothamist in his phone call that he was protesting at the coffee shop. “I was protesting – all life matters,” he said. When she asked what she was trying to get out of this, she said, “They don’t have to lower it, I just wanted to defend all life items.”

Trump as per his Twitter Abraham Knofler is Pro

On his Twitter page, Knofler is decidedly pro-Trump, with lots of RTs of conservative figures; he also refers to coronavirus as a hoax (“#covidBS”).

Bed-Stuy Coffee Shop Statement

An employee at Burly Coffee confirmed the conflict this morning and said he had prepared a statement about what the management was. Meanwhile, management and employees were trying to “look after our staff traumatized by that man”. Burly Coffee said in a statement on their social media pages that this is not the first exercise they did with Knofler.

“We strongly stand with Black Lives Matter and applaud our staff for standing up to the blinding hate that has appeared at our door. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident with this person and our priority continues to be the safety and well-being of our staff,” they wrote. “We are overwhelmed by the generous support of our staff via our Venmo Tip Jar. The baristas that experienced this hatred will receive the tips directly.  Burly will be making a contribution in support of the community we love and are thankful to be a part of.”