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Adam Abu-Mahmoud
Adam Abu-Mahmoud

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Abdul Abu-Mahmoud, 35, is charged with ordering a hit to a 15-year-old boy who was shot by a masked intruder in the family’s Glenfield home in April 2017.

The brother of a Sydney teenager who was shot and killed while sleeping in his bed told a court that he was threatened more than once by the man currently on trial for death, and he wanted to avenge his nephew’s stabbing death.

Adam Abu-Mahmoud Brother Stabed

Joshua Dillon, who acquitted the 2016 stabbing murder of the defendant’s 18-year-old nephew Adam Abu-Mahmoud in October of last year, said Darlinghurst High Court threatened him from the public gallery during the bail hearing.

“He told me a lot … he said he would kill me, he said he would kill my family,” Mr Dillon said to the court on Tuesday.

Among his threatened people were his girlfriend, family, brother and baby son at the time.

At one point, Mr. Dillon said that Mr. Abu Mahmut had held a phone with a picture of his son and brought it closer.

“He told me to get out of protection and go to the ‘fifth zone’, you’re a dead root,” he said.

Royal prosecutor Richard Herps said in his opening statements that he motivated revenge on Mr. Abu-Mahmoud, who tattooed his nephew’s name behind his neck.

Mr. Herps said that there is tattoos on Abu-Mahmud’s leg that say “revenge is the best cold-served meal” and “eye to eye”. Another tattoo on his body had an Arabic text that says “blood for eyes, eyes, teeth and blood”.

Mr. Herps told the court, Mr. Abu-Mahmoud also told Mr. Dillon’s father: “I will kill your whole family … remember this face c —“.

Mr. Herps said that Mr. Abu-Mahmud is a member of the infamous Middle Eastern gang Brothers 4 Life and is approaching several members to ask the Dillon family to kill their members.

Mr. Abu-Mahmoud’s defense attorney Ertunc Ozen SC denied that his client was a member of Brothers 4 Life, and said that the person who wanted the hit was led by the bad criminal Bassam Hamzy, whom Mr. Ozen said was running the gang in prison.

Mr. Ozen said that he took revenge on anything perceived in Hamzy’s Brotherhood 4 Life and “will inevitably involve excessive violence”.

Mr. Eb – said that even though Mahmud had a loose relationship with Hamzy, he was not a member of the gang.

Mr. Ozen also denied that his client had ever threatened Mr. Dillon: “The defendants never went to the dock and said nothing, right?”

The child cannot be named for legal reasons. The trial continues.