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Adam Toledo

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Adam Toledo was shot and killed by police on Monday, following an early morning Shot Spotter alarm in the 2300 block of South Sawyer.

The family of a 13-year-old boy who was killed in “gunfight” by Chicago police earlier this week has hired a lawyer and wants to seek justice for his death.

The teenager was identified as Toledo in Little Village by the Cook County medical supervision office on Thursday.

Adam Toledo Age

He was 14 yers old.

Adam Toledo Shot & Killed

The family of a 13-year-old boy killed by Chicago police on Monday wants justice for their son and wants to know why he was not said to have been killed until two days after he was shot.

Around 2:30 pm on Monday morning, a police officer shot and killed seventh grader Adam Toledo on the 2300 block of South Sawyer Boulevard. Chicago police released a few details about the incident, saying that police officers responded to a ShotSpotter warning of shots fired when they encountered two people on a street.

Police said there was an “armed conflict” after a person escaped and a police officer shot a person in the chest. Police did not explain what they meant by “gunfight”, but Toledo died on the spot.

The boy’s mother, Elizabeth Toledo, wrote on a GoFundMe page to raise money for her funeral, “Adam had many dreams that he could never live with. “Ironically, one of his dreams was to become a police officer.”

Elizabeth Toledo reported that her son disappeared days before he was shot, told Block Club. On Wednesday, two days after the murder, police reached out to the family and said they wanted a photo. She thought they wanted the missing persons report she thought. Elizabeth Toledo, about half an hour later, they knocked on her door and asked her to go to the Cook County Medical Inspector’s office, Elizabeth Toledo said.

“They said I needed to describe my son’s body and I couldn’t even see him, they showed me a picture of my son Adam for a few seconds,” his mother said.

“Adam Toledo went to Gary’s Primary School,” his mother said. He was a “happy boy” who played with Hot Wheels cars and loved to ride a bike with the youngest of his four siblings.

“He would cheer everyone up with his smile and his thoughts,” said his mother. “… He was just a kid. [Police] could do something else instead of killing him… If he was trained to shoot, why shoot him to kill him? ”

On Friday afternoon, Don Terry, director of the Police Department’s News Office, told Block Club that Adam Toledo had been reported missing on March 26. The next day, the police checked the boy’s mother and told them she was returning home.

He never reported his disappearance again, Terry said, so this case was considered closed. Regarding the delay in talking to Adam Toledo’s mother about the murder, Terry said the police had spent two days identifying the boy’s body. He said that they were looking for Adam’s mother after seeing that his statement matched the case of the missing person, which was recently closed.

The Police Liability Office is investigating the murder.

COPA To Release Video Of Fatal Police Shooting Of Adam Toledo

Under increasing pressure to broadcast video of the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, in which 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot by the police, the Police Accountability Department has previously reversed the course, alleging that state law prohibited the footage from making it public without a court order.

COPA spokesperson Ephraim Eddy said, “COPA determined that certain provisions of state law aimed at protecting the confidentiality of child records do not prohibit the agency from releasing materials related to the investigation into the Chicago Police Officer firing deadly fire on 13-year-old Adam Toledo”, COPA spokesperson Ephraim Eddy Friday afternoon said in a statement.

After the agency said on Thursday that state law prohibits COPA from broadcasting the video without a court order, Eddy said the COPA’s attorney had ruled that “The Juvenile Court Act does not prevent third-party video camera footage the institution has obtained so far from broadcasting worn body and third-party video footage. . . Therefore, COPA will follow the established City policy that requires material to be posted publicly at the earliest possible point, but no later than 60 days after the event. ”

Eddy did not specify how quickly COPA would release the video, but said the agency was working with Adam’s family and lawyers to see the footage.

“Again, our condolences are with the Toledo family during this difficult period,” said Eddy.

Earlier Friday, Adeena Weiss Ortiz, the family’s lawyer, said that Adam’s mother was not ready to speak to the media about the shooting. But just to say he’s a happy kid who loves animals and plays with Legos.

She said the family could see any body cam video of the event next week, she said.

Adam Toledo Background

Adam, who went to Gary Elementary School, had no criminal background and was not involved in any gang activity, according to Weiss Ortiz. The child died at 2:30 in the morning. His mother was informed about Adam’s death days afterwards. He had four siblings.

“At this time, the family doesn’t have all the information, and they are encouraging the full cooperation of COPA (Civilian Office of Police Accountability), and the Chicago Police Department, and transparency in obtaining the video as soon as possible,” Weiss Ortiz said.

“I just want to know what really happened to my baby,” said Adam’s mother Elizabeth Toledo, who sobbed as she addressed the media. “They had a lot of options. But not kill him. They could have shot him in the leg, his arm, up in the air. I don’t know, but not kill my baby.”


Spokesperson Ephraim Eaddy said in a preliminary investigation that COPA officials determined that the responding officers had encountered two people and followed them on foot, at which point one of the officers shot and killed Toledo. “That officer fired his gun once,” Eaddy said.

After the clash, police spokesperson Thomas Ahern tweeted the photo of the gun, which he said was found at the scene. The police refused to answer additional questions about the shooting or to whom the gun belonged.

The COPA did not say whether 21-year-old Toledo or Ruben Roman Jr., who were recently arrested after the shooting, were armed.

Brown did not give further details in his statement, but said “the immediate decision to use lethal force is extremely difficult for any officer and always a heavy burden for the officers involved in the fatal shooting incident.”

“My biggest fear… was the fatal encounter between one of us and a child, especially given the recent increase in violent crime involving young people in our city,” Brown said. Unfortunately, this fear came true earlier this week. Any casualties are tragic, especially when it comes to youth. ”

The civil servants involved in the incident were appointed to administrative duty for 30 days.

Eaddy said the fatal footage was recorded on the officer’s camera attached to his body. As anger over the conflict intensified, city officials pressured each other to release the police footage.

Eaddy said state laws prohibit the institution from broadcasting videos featuring children publicly. Documents that can be made public include 911 calls, dispatcher records, and incident reports, which will be released within 60 days, Eaddy said.

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