Who is Adrian Kickback? Wiki, Bio, Tiktok Video, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Adrian Kickback

What is the TikTok Adrian Kickback video, party and trend? Adrian’s backlash went viral, and he seems to be promising to have a pretty good time on the California beach. But it’s also a song by Adrian Hour, an Argentinian DJ and music producer.

You can invite videos of both the song and the TikTok party later in this story and learn more about the two.

First, what is Adrian’s Kickback trend on TikTok? It started as a song, but now there’s a party planned with that name in Huntington Beach, California. Some people also create groove to song music videos on TikTok. Others are determined to go to Huntington Beach.

The recent beach party excitement stems from a video posted on May 19, 2021 by Adrian Lopez, on the TikTok page adrian.lopez517. The title reads “Celebrate my birthday‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️ #partynextdoor #turnitup #SpotlightAPI #beach #projectx #function”.

According to EnStarz, Adrian’s Kickback song is “a song with funk music thanks to the DJ’s. Released by Toolroom Publishing in February 2017, the song was licensed to Kontor New Media Musicm, Concord Music Publisjong and CMMRA. “Producer Adrian Hour and Argentine DJ released Kickback on SNOE,” added the site.


Adrian Kickback Video

The video features scenes of people partying with their mobile phones at night in a fun dance scene. Adrian Kickback writes that the party venue will be held in fire pits in Huntington Beach. It will be at 19:30 on May 22, 2021. “BYOE !! Repost !! The video title says “.

Also, “This Saturday we will come and go !!” he is writing.

So who is Adrian? The video sparked a trend on TikTok that people claim to be Adrian, but the main user also posted another video claiming to be really Adrian. He says, “Adrian’s bribe; a seductive look lol.” TikTok user name is Adrian Lopez.


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