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Ah Ping Ba
Ah Ping Ba

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Singapore native Ah Ping Ban, 69, killed 58-year-old Annabelle Chen, whose half-naked body was found by a pair of fishermen in a suitcase floating in the Perth Swan River in July 2016. A businessman who killed his ex-wife, filled his body into a suitcase and went bankrupt, went to the Supreme Court for a final attempt to appeal his conviction.

Ah Ping Ba Killed His Wife

Ban was convicted of his murder in September 2018 and was sentenced to life imprisonment behind bars without a 20-year parole.
Their daughter, Tiffany Yiting Wan, was cleared of murder, but was convicted for being an accessory, and sentenced to four years and ten months in prison.

Western Australia confirmed that lawyers submitted appeals to the Supreme Court on Tuesday. “I can confirm that an appeal has been filed at the Supreme Court,” said Ban Andrews defense lawyer Mark Andrews.

It comes after the attempts to overthrow the murder conviction at the WA Court of Appeal last month. Two fishermen found Ms. Chen’s body several days after the murder, but the identity of the body remained mysterious for two months until Wan reported that she was missing.

Chen was found in 2016, two days after he was killed at his Mosman Park home in southwest southwest of Perth. The post-mortem found that her face was hit 25 times with a blunt object and left her with a broken skull.

Justice Joseph McGrath said that the murder was a “brutal attack”, saying that Ban showed the ex-wife’s body ‘no indifferent indifference’. After killing her, she filled her body with a blue suitcase and carried her to the Swan River, where she threw.

He filled the suitcase with ceramic tiles to make it sink. The court heard that his glasses dropped in the dump and were later rescued by the divers.

Protecting his father, Wan told the police a false story about when he last saw his mother. She said when she last saw her mother, she got out of her house and got in a car driven by an Asian-looking man.

However, he stopped covering up for his father in early 2018, when he was accused of murder as well as Ban. The WA Supreme Court alleged that he was guilty of being an accessory to the murder, but his proposal was rejected by the state.

The couple accused each other, stating that the other was responsible for the murder at the WA Supreme Court. In a tearful expression, Wan claimed that his father beat Ms. Chen with an iron paperweight on her face in an argument heated by money.

While he denied any involvement in the killing, Wan admitted that he had sent a message to his mother in the months after his death to distract the police.He said he was protecting his father because he idolized and loved him.

In retaliation, Ban told the court that he was confident that his daughter had killed Ms. Chen during a fight in her bedroom during the upcoming college graduation ceremony.When Wan graduated, her mother was already dead.

Wan got rid of a WA prison last week, with parole, after being sentenced to four years and ten months in prison. Conditional release conditions indicate that he is not allowed any contact with members of his father or mother’s close family.