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Ahmad Alissa

Ahmad Alissa Wiki – Ahmad Alissa Bio

Ahmad Alissa is a 21-year-old Colorado resident identified as the alleged Boulder supermarket shooter that took place on March 21. Ahmed is accused of opening fire and killing 10 people in the Monday massacre.

Alissa wrote on Facebook that she moved to America from Syria at the age of 3 in 2002. On his Facebook page, “Born in Syria 1999, came to the USA in 2002 … I like wrestling and informative documentaries.” Authorities did not say there were any political or religious motives – they are still investigating.

Ahmad Alissa Religion

A law enforcement press release identified his full name as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. A Facebook page appearing to be that of the suspect features posts with quotes from the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. He wrote in 2018 on Facebook, “Muslims might not be perfect but Islam is.” He said the Muslim victims of the mass shooter in a Christchurch mosque were the victims of “Islamophobia.” In another post, he wrote, “So Mary wears a hijab and Jesus doesn’t eat pork and prays on his knees and hands. There (sic) both Muslims it’s obvious.”

The suspect’s brother in a statement to the Daily Beast on Tuesday, March 23rd said his sibling had for years claimed imaginary people were following him wherever he went. Described as “quiet” by numerous family members, Alissa was also characterized as deeply paranoid.

Ahmad Alissa was shot during his arrest but is in stable condition

Alissa was shot during mutual gunfire with the responding officers and was transferred to a local hospital, where her condition was stable. “The man who shot them will be held entirely responsible,” said Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty during Tuesday’s press conference update. When asked whether the shooter had given the police why, he replied, “We don’t know the answer to this yet.”

The attack lasted 20 minutes at around 15:00 on Monday. Local time. Video and photos from the scene showed several bodies lying on the grocery store floor. He will soon be transferred to Boulder County prison to await court proceedings. Alissa is charged with 10 first-degree murders. In a report released by the Daily Beast on Tuesday, Alissa’s 34-year-old brother said that authorities searched her home for hours Monday night following the shooting. His brother described the so-called hit man as “very anti-social” and displayed behavior compatible with mental illness.

Ahmad Alissa Politics

He accused Trump of being elected for racism and praised the inclusiveness of the Democratic Party’s election, although he did not say whether it was a Democrat or another political affiliation in his posts. Alissa has written about many politically unrelated topics on Facebook. For example, she wrote that she is a wrestling career and a fan of mixed martial arts.

Some of his posts were about the Muslim religion, others were about Trump. For example, she wrote an article accusing Donald Trump of winning the presidency because of racism.

The accused Boulder mass murder has written politics on Facebook, attacked President Donald Trump and even called Trump a “tramp”.

Ahmad Alissa Motive

According to reporter Pete Williams, speaking on MSNBC, the cause of the Boulder attack is still unclear, but officials do not believe it was a terrorist attack, at least so far.

Authorities have stressed that the investigation is still in its early stages, and they have repeatedly stated that the reason for this is not yet clear. At this point there is no indication that Alissa’s religion or politics motivated mass murder.

Ahmad Alissa Victims

Boulder Police named a resident of Arvada, Colorado, as the injured suspect seen in the video after the fatal mass shooting at a King Soopers supermarket on Monday. The man allegedly opened fire on customers and killed 51-year-old Eric Talley, a Boulder police officer during the shooting. The police chief said officer Talley was in danger as the first cop to respond to a call “about a possible person with a patrol rifle”. “I must tell you about the heroic act this officer did when he responded to the scene,” Herold said.

The officer was the father of 7 children in the attack. He said Talley, 51, had been in the police force since 2010. His father, Homer Talley, told CNN member KUSA that the veteran officer survived by his wife and seven children.
“He loved his family more than anything,” Homer Talley said.

The police chief also identified the names and ages of eight other victims:
Denny Stong – 20
Neven Stanisic – 23
Tralona Bartkowiak – 49
Suzanne Fountain – 59
Teri Leiker – 51
Kevin Mahoney – 61
Lynn Murray – 62
Jody Waters – 65

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