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Alex Zdan
Alex Zdan

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Zdan started as an investigative reporter for Trenton, New Jersey-based Chasing News. Three years later, he changed points of sale and continued to work as an investigative journalist at Insider NJ. Zdan took office in News12 New Jersey in 2017, where he continues to work today.
While New Jersey natives knew the name of Zdan to viewers in other states, it was the first time they saw the news of him. Zdan attended James Madison University according to his LinkedIn profile and studied journalism at The College of New Jersey.

Tells Trump Supporter to ‘F*** Off’ During Live Broadcast

People from all over the country took to the streets to celebrate the proclamation of Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, and News12 journalist Alex Zdan reported live from one of the open-air meetings in New Jersey when he was interrupted by a Donald Trump supporter march. by.

When an old man wearing a Trump face mask appeared on camera, Zdan turned around and said, “How are you man? In contrast, the Trump supporter” Is this real news or fake news? “Is a question that clearly frustrates Zdan.
The controversy spread quickly on Twitter. Political host Brian Tyler Cohen tweeted, “Make this guy the host of Meet the Press.” “I’ll be watching this in the loop,” said actor Patton Oswalt as he retweeted the video.

Approximately 1 million views were achieved within an hour of the video.


Zdan became a champion on Twitter for his response to the trolling Trump supporter. While swearing on live TV was generally unwelcome, the past four years have been tiresome for reporters because Trump has consistently described factual reporting as “fake news” simply because he did not praise it as president.

“Fake news” was one of Trump’s favorite terms to use in his speeches during his presidency. He has consistently referred to mainstream media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post as “fake news” and has repeatedly verbally attacked reporters who asked difficult questions during press briefings.

In March, at one of the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings, Trump went to CNN server Jim Acosta. It caused Trump to be visibly shaken in response to Trump’s downplay of the coronavirus earlier that month and the negative effects it might have had on the country.

“People like you and CNN say these things,” Trump told Acosta. That’s why people don’t want to listen to CNN anymore… Instead of asking such an ugly, sarcastic question, you should ask a real question.

Trump went on to tell Acosta that “it can cause a lot more panic than you do.” I can make you look like a little league player… I can panic. But I don’t want to do that. ”

In response to this, Trump’s 2016 campaign spokesman David Wohl said, “Fake NEWS King @acosta and his terrible network @CNN, little Jim was hit on the body by Trump after blurring another surprisingly stupid question.”