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Alex Zielinski
Alex Zielinski

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Alex Zielinski, a far-left journalist from Portland Mercury, accused the Trump caravan participant, who was shot and killed in Portland, of supporting a far-right terrorist.

“The victim has been identified by friends online as Jay Bishop, a protester linked to the right-wing group Patriot Prayer,” wrote Zielinski.
Later, Portland-based reporter claimed that Bishop’s legal name was Aaron Danielson and that the same person brought a rifle to the Patriot Prayer rally and put his gun on his scooter, according to the Portland Mercury “Blogtown” article published in October 2017.

“Bishop was also a strong supporter of the white supremacist Jeremy Christian, who killed two people on a MAX train in 2017 and seriously injured another,” Zielinski said.

The Oregonian newspaper reported that Christian was recently sentenced to life in June for the murder of an Islamophobic double on the Portland train.

“[Christian] rightly defended himself,” Bishop commented in an interview with freelance journalist Mike Bivins in early June 2017. “This person has been illegally arrested for self-defense, and I’m here to tell all these socialists the truth of the matter.”

“These three people who died or were stabbed are not heroes,” the man continued on the camera. “They are not an idol and deserve everything they have.”

In a later correction written by Zielinski, he apologized for the mistake he made his debut.

“This story initially misidentified the victim in the Saturday shooting incident as Jay Bishop, a man linked to the right-wing protests,” the news site wrote. “The victim is now correctly identified as Aaron Danielson, nicknamed ‘Jay’.”

“We regret this mistake,” Portland Mercury finished.

“We used a name approved by our local daily newspaper and made the mistake of not digging any more,” Zielinski told The Post Millennial. “We got bored and owned,” he firmly stated.

This isn’t the first time Zielinski made headlines on his own.

Last year, Zielinski interviewed a fake Antifa informant who claimed The Post Millennial’s journalist newspaper Andy Ngo was secretly collaborating with the Patriot Prayer. Ngo denies the claim and never contacted Zielinski for fair comment. Reason reported that Portland Mercury’s alleged video evidence does not support the sensational charge.

The lie then spread everywhere, and in Vice, The Daily Dot and The Inquisitr, Ngo disputed the explosive claim, claiming that Ngo was a joint conspirator with the right-wing group.

Ngo admitted that the pseudonym was never reached by the accuser and no opportunity was given to date.