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Alfred Bourgeois
Alfred Bourgeois

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Truck driver Alfred Bourgeois from Louisiana, who was sentenced to death for murdering his 2-year-old daughter, will be executed on Friday, December 11th. the administration resumed executions after 17 years. The bourgeois execution was permitted, although his lawyers claimed that he was mentally disabled and that his death would be unconstitutional.

Alfred Bourgeois Arrest & Charge

According to court documents, Bourgeois was furious at the dashboard as he knocked his daughter’s head against a windshield during a job delivery at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi in July 2002 and knocked over her potty instructor. The two-year-old suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to life support before being defeated in a hospital. Bourgeois was immediately convicted and sentenced to death in 2004. According to the court document, he was also found guilty of sexually abusing his daughter.

Bourgeois lawyer Vic Abreu told MEA Worldwide (MEAWW): “Mr. Bourgeois is a mentally disabled person and the plain language of both the Constitution and the Federal Death Penalty Act prevents his execution. Mr. Bourgeois, who sentenced Mr. Bourgeois to death, said He never learned that he was a mentally retarded person because the trial lawyers did not present the evidence presented to them. Later when his trial lawyers were appealed on appeal, the court denied compensation using an obsolete compensation, and about mentally disabled persons by the scientific community and the United States Supreme Court in Moore – Texas. unscientific standards and stereotypes that were completely rejected in the case. ”


“Following Moore, Mr. Bourgeois requested a re-examination of his case and ceased execution as required by the Supreme Court to prove his intellectual disability according to current scientific standards,” the lawyer continued. “In a decision that paved the way for Mr Bourgeois to examine the evidence of his mental disability without any court using appropriate scientific standards, the three judges of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal could not have requested further examination of his request, as Mr Bourgeois had previously rejected his request for assistance. Now, the Appeal. The government has set an execution date, although its court has not completed its review of the panel decision, has not issued a verdict, or has given its authority.


A fatal injection is planned at the Federal Correctional Complex Terre Haute in Indiana.

Three more federal executions were planned before Joe Biden, who was elected president, took office on January 20. One of the executions belongs to Cory Johnson, a crack cocaine dealer at the time of execution for at least 10 deaths in 45 days in 1992. He is scheduled for a lethal injection on January 14th. However, his lawyers also noted that the 45-year-old Johnson was mentally disabled, which prohibits his execution under federal and constitutional laws.


Johnson’s attorneys Ronald J Tabak and Donald P Salzman said in their joint statement to MEAWW: “Corey Johnson is a mentally retarded person. Still, despite convincing evidence showing his mental disability, no jury or court has listened to the evidence. Under federal law and the Supreme Court’s judgment at Atkins v Virginia, Mr Johnson’s mental disability should prohibit his execution constitutionally. We are unaware of any other federal death penalty A single piece of evidence he can present evidence of mental disability Prisoner without trial. The government should not proceed with Mr. Johnson’s execution unless there is a full and fair opportunity to present this evidence. “