charged with death : Alisa Tepikina Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause of Death, Family, Net Worth, More Facts You Need To Know

charged with death : Alisa Tepikina Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause of Death, Family, Net Worth, More Facts You Need To Know

Alisa Tepikina Wiki

Alisa Tepikina died in ‘excruciating pain’ when the young female medic tried to remove her placenta that had not been delivered during the birth of her daughter.

Alisa Tepikina Age

She was 22 years old.

Alisa Tepikina Cause Of Death

Instead, the 22-year-old uterus was completely removed, which caused the new mother to go into a coma and ‘die of shock’ from cardiac arrest in the Russian city of Nizhneserginskaya.

Ms. Tepikina only had time to smile at her newborn daughter before the unidentified obstetrician tried to remove the placenta from an inverted uterus.

A six-month probe has led to charges of causing death by negligence against the 27-year-old doctor, who could face jail or compulsory labor if convicted.

Barannikova claimed a ‘spontaneous inversion of the uterus’ – a rare medical event – had occurred.

Alisa Tepikina Father Dmitry Milyukov

Her father Dmitry Milyukov, 47, said: ‘My daughter was suffering, she was screaming in pain. But the doctor paid no attention.’

Alisa Tepikina Mother Svetlana Malyukova

Svetlana Malyukova, 42, mother of Ms. Tepikina, had called for the doctor to be prosecuted.

The 42-year-old said: ‘There were no apologies, nor attempts to contact us.

‘Soon after the tragedy, I went to the clinic. I wanted to look into her [the doctor’s] eyes. She asked: ”Why did you come?”

medical experts statement

A statement by the medical experts added that the doctor, ‘tugged the umbilical cord with real force’ and that it was, ‘like something from the Middle Ages’.

The doctor on duty did not recognize the life-threatening complication of birth.

‘As a result, medical help was provided with an unacceptably huge delay.

‘The uterus was re-positioned only four hours 15 minutes later when the massive bleeding and the irreversible shock had already developed, along with heart failure.’

The doctor’s mistakes, ‘worsened the situation and caused the massive loss of blood, irreversible [and] complicated shock, heart failure and death of the patient’, the experts alleged.

Ms. Tepikina’s case

In Ms. Tepikina’s case, the placenta should have been detached manually by the doctor under anesthetic, the investigation found.

‘Non-controlled or improper pulling of the umbilical cord led to a full inversion of the uterus’, a statement by medical experts said.

‘The female organs that were pulled out, then pushed back when it was too late.’