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Amanda Fletcher
Amanda Fletcher

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Amanda K. Fletcher allegedly committed an ‘inappropriate sexual act’ in front of students at Columbia Mathematics, Science and Engineering Middle School on September 30 last year.

A spicy language shift led a Spanish teacher to withdraw from his lectures after researchers discovered he performed an “inappropriate sexual act” during a Zoom lecture.

As students at the prestigious Columbia School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering watched a “live” lecture from afar, 37-year-old Amanda K. Fletcher appeared to suck the nipple of an unidentified topless man while “spinning” or “swinging.” According to the Special Investigation Commissioner for city schools, ”

In a report from The Post dated October 29, 2020, SCI says that prior to this, students watched Fletcher “eat spaghetti” with the shirtless man behind him.

Amanda Fletcher Age

He is 37 years old.

Amanda Fletcher Fletcher ‘appeared to suck the nipple of an unidentified topless male

The New York Post reported that Fletcher appeared to be sucking the nipple of an unidentified topless man while “spinning” or “swinging back and forth.”

Special Investigative Commissioner for urban schools, students had previously seen him, the man standing behind Fletcher while he was eating spaghetti at the live Zoom class.

Investigators then shared videos of the incident on Snapchat and other social media sites.

While making no explanation for the incident, Fletcher remains on the payroll at the prestigious school in Morningside Heights, where he earned $ 105,588 last year.

“This behavior is absolutely unacceptable,” Danielle Filson, spokesperson for the city’s Ministry of Education, told the NY Post.

About 12 minutes before the lesson ended, Fletcher started making love to his shirtless friend.

One student told the researchers that after securing his lips to his bare torso and waving them back and forth several times, he continued to teach and ‘discuss a worksheet’.

It’s unclear how he got in front of the camera in a compromising position, but it doesn’t seem like he realized that his camera was still on at the time.

Last September, the X-rated Zoom class took place just two weeks after New York City resumed its 2020-21 school year.

After completing its investigation last October, the Department of Education ‘reassigned’ Fletcher.

Filson told the NY Post that he would take disciplinary action against him.

According to his Linkedin profile, Fletcher studied at DePaux University, a private college in Indiana, and has been teaching at the New York City Education Department for 13 years.

The Secondary School is ranked 203rd nationally among secondary schools and 24th in New York.

The zoom blunder is the latest in a series of embarrassing incidents where teachers are caught engaging in inappropriate behavior during distance lectures.

Last month, a Californian teacher was suspended who encouraged her to ‘come to me’ if her parents had a problem with the way she ran her virtual classes.

Alissa Piro, a 39-year-old teacher at San Marcos High School, was later caught paying off students in a video posted to a private Facebook group and shared on Twitter by an activist group calling for the complete reopening of California schools. .

Piro was complaining about his plan to go back to face-to-face learning guided by parents suing school boards in the state. She suggested she didn’t know what the parents were talking about.
A few weeks later, a Catholic school teacher in Colombia was left red-faced after she forgot to close a Zoom call with her junior student class before hugging her wife’s breasts.

Ruben Dario Parras was unaware that he was filmed while removing his wife’s blouse.

Later, the physics teacher appeared to kiss her left breast as the moment was aired to everyone in the interview.

And last week, an Alaskan teacher took leave after telling students that if George Floyd had obeyed the police, he would still be alive and that they should not dress like ‘thugs’ if they didn’t want to be targeted by the police.

In a 15-minute video posted by a parent on YouTube, ‘Ms. Gardner appears to be talking to his students about the police killing blacks and telling them that if they obey the police, they will be less likely to be shot.

If it was when George Floyd got out of the car and they started putting him in the police car, if he had just jumped into the car and slipped in there and let them get his legs in, he would be alive. today, ‘said the teacher at Lathrop High in Fairbanks.