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Amaurie Johnson. In the filing, lawyers claim that Johnson had been arrested for no apparent reason and claimed the city, La Mesa Police Department Officer Matt Dages, and officers whose names were unknown by Johnson, using excessive force and violence due to his race.

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He is 23 years old.

Amaurie Johnson Fotage & Arrest

Body camera footage of the incident shows that an officer, now identified as Dages, pushed Johnson, Black, into a sitting position, and both men discussed the interaction.

Many local voices, including several prominent activists, gave an example of racial profiling to the event. Officers approached Johnson while standing in front of an apartment complex, and first accused him of accusing the “cigarette weed” he rejected by lawsuit.
“Intimidation with violence or threats of violence has been committed against Mr. Johnson because of race,” he says. “This is shown in the way that Officer Dages treats other white citizens differently. Officer Dages did not approach any white citizen and demand that they justify their existence. ”

The lawsuit also claims that the city is “indirectly responsible” for the losses, as the relevant officers act within the city’s employment.

Johnson was arrested with suspicion of an attack on an officer and resisting, delaying and preventing an officer. In early June, the department said it would not sue Johnson, in addition to announcing a ban on the use of carotid restriction.

However, the announcement was not well received by the family of 59-year-old woman Leslie Furcron, who was fired with a bullet by an officer on May 30 in Johnson or La Mesa.

Johnson had no accountability among the police officers here today, among the chief of police, Johnson said on June 5th.