Why Amber Rudd Resigns From Cabinet Cause of Resign You Must Need To Know

amber Rudd Resigns

Amber Rudd has resigned

Amber Rudd has resigned from Cabinet tonight and quit the Tory party over Boris Johnson’s ‘purge’ and his ‘failure’ to get a deal with the European Union.

The Work and Pensions Secretary delivered a withering attack on the Prime Minister, saying there was ‘no evidence’ that Mr. Johnson was actively seeking a deal with the EU.

Ms. Rudd called the Prime Minister’s exile of 21 Tory rebels this week an ‘assault on decency and democracy’ and pledged to fight the next election as an ‘independent Conservative.’

Amber Rudd Announce for Resigning

Amber Rudd today announces that she is resigning from the cabinet and quitting the Conservative Party over Boris Johnson’s “purge” of the party and his “failure” to pursue a deal with the EU.

In a move that will rock the government, the work and pensions secretary says she is quitting because there is “no evidence” Johnson is really seeking a deal with the European Union – despite claims that it is his priority.

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In an interview with The Sunday Times, Rudd also attacked the prime minister’s decision to kick out 21 senior Tories last week – including the former chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond and Churchill’s grandson Sir Nicholas Soames – as an “assault on decency and democracy”.

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She vowed to fight the next…