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Amir Shedyak
Amir Shedyak

Amir Shedyak is a Vermont grocery employee who lost his job after preventing a thief from stealing a woman’s purse. Shedyak, who worked for four years at the Hannaford supermarket in his hometown of Essex and even the employee of the month, was fired after a heroic action in August 2020.

Amir Shedyak Suspect

She is 20 years old now. He had just started his shift when it happened
As Shedyak started his shift, a man approached him and told him that a woman had just been robbed.

Shedyak, who is also a volunteer firefighter, told local CBS station WCAX3, “And it’s as if an old woman’s bag was stolen.” “I look to my right and I see a gentleman running through the parking lot and he was holding a wallet.”

Shedyak caught the suspect from behind and pressed them to the ground before calling the police. The suspect ran away, but Shedyak was able to return the bag.

She was trying to offer me money. “I don’t want your money, I just wanted to help you, I wanted to do the right thing,” he told the police station. Police have confirmed that 29-year-old Adrian Moore, where Shedyak was standing, was found and charged with theft.

Amir Shedyak was Fired Shortly

Shadyak was fired shortly after the incident.

“We do not comment on staffing issues,” Hannaford told the TV station. I wasn’t going to do this to be a hero. Shedyak said, ‘Hey, an old woman’s bag has just been stolen, I want to do something about it.

Local lawyer Pietro Lynn said Shedyak was likely fired because the store would not be sued. “It’s not unusual for employers to prevent employees from turning customers into hands-on customers,” Lynn told WCAX3. “There are many cases in Vermont where employers have been blamed for the wrongdoing of their employees,” said Lynn.

Shedyak, who was quickly hired by another company, said, “Why would that make a difference, hey, I’m on the shift now – I’m in trouble. If I don’t work – oh, well done.”