Amitpal Singh Bajaj (Thailand Hotel Fight Detail) Wiki, Age, Bio, Wife, Son, Killer

Amitpal Singh Baja

Who was Amitpal Singh Baja Wiki

Amitpal Singh Bajaj Was A British man From London,  Amitpal Singh Bajaj died in a fight at a Thai hotel. after telling another guest to keep the noise down as his wife and son tried to sleep, his family said.

How Old was Amitpal Singh Baja

He was 34 years old

Why The Dispute Started

Amitpal Singh Bajaj complained about noise from the next room to another guest to keep the noise down at the five-star Centara Grand Hotel in Phuket.

His family claims a man forced his way into their room via the balcony early on Wednesday and strangled Mr. Bajaj.

His wife said her husband “sacrificed his life” to save her and their son.

The Foreign Office confirmed it was assisting a family in the area.

In a statement, Mr. Bajaj’s wife Bandhan Kaur Bajaj said: “My husband sacrificed his life to save my son’s life and mine. He will always be our hero.”

Mrs. Bajaj, also 34, told how the attacker “barged” into their room naked and “just started charging at my husband”.

“My husband tried to block the man and move me and my son away. As the man was kicking, punching and just, beating him up, my husband told me to please leave and save our son,” she said.

Amitpal Singh Baja Wife and Son was’Very scared’

Amitpal Singh Baja Wife said she grabbed the couple’s two-year-old son Veer Singh and fled the hotel room to look for help.

She ran down a staircase and hid under a tree with her son in her arms while calling the reception from her mobile to tell them what had happened.

Amitpal Singh Baja Wife was Looking for help from Hotel reception

She said: “I asked the reception to please make sure someone attends to my husband – ‘please give him some medical help, I’m very scared, I’ve escaped’.

“I could still hear [the attacker] screaming. I didn’t want to be attacked.”

An ambulance and police then arrived at the hotel, in the Karon part of the city, and took Mr. Amitpal to Patong Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry confirmed that a Norwegian citizen has been arrested in Thailand and is being provided consular assistance.

Amitpal Singh Bajaj Fight Incident

The argument occurred on August 23, 2019, around 4 am.

“Mr. Bullman had Mr. Bajaj in a chokehold, and continued to choke him,” the police officer added.

“Mr. Bullman had previously been trained in martial arts, but he said he did not attempt to kill Mr. Bajaj. He didn’t think that Mr. Bajaj had died.”

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly afterward.

Amitpal Singh Baja was bleeding from the nose and mouth. His breathing was weak and he was taken to hospital.

The British citizen Amitpal Singh Bajaj died later from asphyxiation.

Who Was Amitpal Singh Bajaj Killer?

Amitpal Singh Bajaj Killer name is Mr. Roger Bullman. He is a Norweigian martial arts expert was staying in the adjacent room.

Mr. Bullman was drunk and causing so much noise that hotel security came to warn Mr. Bullman twice.”

detectives told that the Amitpal Singh Bajaj British citizen argued with Roger Bullman Because He was making so much loud noise in the hotel room

“Mr Bajaj confronted the tourist for making too much noise because his wife and child wanted to sleep,” said Major Ekkachai Siri of the Phuket Tourist Police.

Mr. Roger Bullman Arrest And charged

Detectives arrested Roger Bullman, who has been charged with trespass by an act of violence and with manslaughter.

People found guilty of manslaughter in Thailand face a sentence of three to 15 years in prison.

“We are supporting the family of a British man following his death in Phuket, and are in contact with the Thai authorities,” a Foreign Office spokesperson said.