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Andre Colson
Andre Colson

A man was charged with grave murder weeks after a 20-year-old was shot dead while sleeping in his bed. Andre Colson, 26, was charged in connection with his death on Saturday September 13 in the Cypress area of Sierra Rhodd.

Sierra, 20, with cerebral palsy, died when fire was opened on his home while he was sleeping. Investigators believe Sierra’s 15-year-old brother was the target of the attack.

His brother, mother, and father were home at the time of the shooting and were not injured.

Andre Colson Arrest & Charge

The charge came weeks after a judge could not find a possible reason to blame an 18-year-old woman in the case. In court, the judge punished the prosecutors and investigators for failing to establish a clear and credible link between the getaway car spotted at the time of the shooting and found the woman nearby in a similar truck a few minutes later.
“Driving a red truck does not mean I was involved in the murder,” the judge told the prosecutor at the court. “There are many things that suggest it might be involved, but until you find something that goes beyond reasonable doubt, you have no possible reason.”

Colson is in prison and is expected to appear in court on Monday. It is held in the $ 80,000 bond.

A week after Rhodd’s murder, his father, Mike Rhodd, was shot and killed during a fight at his family’s home. His father-in-law said the attack was self-defense, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. No arrest was made in this case.