Andrea Griffiths Female Police Officer Sex On Duty : Andrea Griffiths Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Andrea Griffiths Wiki

PC Andrea Griffiths, 44, was set to be sacked for gross misconduct for romping with a crime victim.

An embarrassed police officer resigned from his force after having had sex with a victim of vulnerable abuse while on duty.

But he resigned the morning from a misconduct hearing, saying he ‘deeply regrets’ the affair with the man he was supposed to care for.

Andrea Griffiths Age

She is 44 years old.

Andrea Griffiths Career

Miss Clarke said that PC Griffiths joined the police in 2001 and was handling the man because he was an alleged victim of historical sexual crimes. PC Griffiths admitted serious misconduct at the hearing at the headquarters of the North Wales Police in Colwyn Bay.

Andrea Griffiths Relationship With Victim of Historic Sexual

A panel heard that PC Griffiths began a relationship with the man who was the victim of historical sexual crimes and was “vulnerable.” She was accused of having sex with him both on and off duty. PC Griffiths says he only had sex with the man, known as Mr. X, once. North Wales Police presenter Amy Clarke said: “ She developed an inappropriate personal relationship with a vulnerable man she was responsible for in 2015. Miss Griffiths was assigned the task of being a liaison officer and participating in sexual activities with him. He also agreed that sexual activity occurred on duty.

Statement From PC Griffiths

A statement from PC Griffiths said: ‘I acknowledge that I should not have had sexual contact with Mr. X on June 29, 2015. I accept the misconduct and deeply regret that it happened. “To avoid more shame at all, I immediately resigned from the North Wales Police.” PC Griffiths was accused of having an ‘inappropriate association’ with the man who later ‘became an inappropriate sexual bond both on and off duty.’

At the professional standards hearing, he was told that he had “fallen below the professional standards of integrity, authority, and courtesy” and showed “discreditable behavior.” The panel’s president, Susan Davies, said: ‘PC Griffiths knew about Mr. X’s medical and personal problems while she was engaged in that sexual activity while on duty. ‘She violated the standards of honesty and integrity, specifically integrity. He behaved discredibly for the police in North Wales. “We found such behavior so serious that the dismissal would be justified and, therefore, amounts to a serious offense.”