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Andreas Schneider-Neureither
Andreas Schneider-Neureither

Andreas Schneider-Neureither Wiki – Andreas Schneider-Neureither Biography

As the company in Heidelberg explained, it was the face of IT specialist Schneider-Neureither & Partner, or SNP for short: Andreas Schneider-Neureither died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on Monday night at the age of 56. He leaves his wife and four children behind.

Schneider-How none died, the SNP did not explain. SNP stock lost 11 percent, shifting to red after the announcement, while the small value index SDax, where the paper was listed, gained 0.7 percent. Finally, the company’s founder-owned 19 percent of the company listed on SDax since March.

Andreas Schneider-Neureither Age

He was 56 years old.

Andreas Schneider-Neureither Education

Schneider-Neure did not study physics and was playing as a professor, but because he believed he could achieve more, he decided to become an entrepreneur. In 1994, it set up an IT professional that supports customers in changing IT environments, for example after acquisitions or when introducing a new SAP system.

Andreas Schneider-Neureither Career

Schneider-Neure was not the face of the company he founded in 1994 and currently has more than 1400 employees. Under his leadership, the company selling software for digital transformation processes has grown significantly.

A spokesperson said it was too early for follow-up discussions. However, SNP is well-positioned in the management team. Last week, after an increase in sales in the third quarter, the SNP confirmed its annual targets.

The Data Transformation Company ”calls itself SNP, the company today sells 145 million Euros with more than 1400 employees and locations around the world. Things continue during the corona crisis.

The staggering death shocked not only colleagues but also shareholders: Following the announcement, the price of the software maker listed on SDax dropped to eleven percent. How things will continue in SNP is now clear. The company was too early for follow-up discussions but said the management team was well-positioned.