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Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown Wiki – Andrew Brown Bio

Andrew Brown was identified by family members as the man who was shot and killed by a deputy sheriff in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on Wednesday morning.

According to WAVY, the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a deputy sheriff killed the man in Elizabeth City. Heavy reached out to the sheriff’s department for additional information.

A relative named Jadine Hampton told the Heavy in an interview that Brown “gave a beautiful smile, an infectious laugh”. She said she was “a great storyteller like a comedian.” He is a wonderful father who pushed his children to become honors even though he never finished his school. ”

Andrew Brown Age

Andrew Brown’s age unknown will be updated soon.

Shooting incident

The shooting took place around 8:30 am on April 21, 2021, WAVY reported. The name of the deputy was not disclosed. Authorities also did not reveal Brown’s name, but family members have confirmed this on WAVY and on social media. Authorities gave almost no information about the shooting that took Brown’s life the morning after Derek Chauvin’s decision refocused attention on police-community tensions.

“First George Floyd, now Andrew Brown and others are my hometown, whatever the lives of North Carolina blacks, where I’m from Elizabeth City, the police are killing us,” one man wrote, joining a sad choir and taking it to social media.

Andrew Brown Shot

According to WAVY journalist Jason Marks, “The man was said to have been shot in his car.”

Witnesses also reported that WAVY was “shot when he got into his car and started driving away”. The neighbors heard voices “anywhere between 6 and 8 shots,” the TV station reported.

The sheriff’s department said the attack occurred during a search warrant execution in the 400 block of Perry Street, WAVY reported.

More details have not been disclosed. According to WSPA-TV, Marks, “the police formed a line that closed the area where Brown was killed. His body was placed under a blue tent and was still there at 12.30 hours after he was shot. ”

People on Social Media Claimed Brown Was Unarmed but Authorities Have Not Confirmed

On social media, people claimed that the man was unarmed. “Police were ordering an arrest, shot and killed an unarmed man and he was lying on the ground for 2 hours,” said someone on Facebook.

Authorities did not confirm or deny Brown’s claim that he was unarmed.

According to the WSPA, Brown was the father of 10 children. He was 40 years old. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is leading the investigation into what happened.

Live Video From the Scene

Kel Whittle streamed live video from the scene, showing the law enforcement presence and tensions grow.

A local leader has called for the body cam video to be released immediately if any. The authorities did not say. “If there are body cameras, this information needs to be disseminated as quickly as possible to make sure that justice is being done,” Pasquotank NAACP chairman Keith Rivers told the WSPA.

He added: “The sheriff didn’t talk to anyone here … this is not the Elizabeth City Police Department, this is the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff needs to address these people. The sheriff needs to talk to community leaders to let us know what’s going on so we can be part of this process.” ”


Hampton wrote on Facebook, “My cousin is gone. Body still there and this happened hours ago.” She added, “💔😭. The last time I saw my cousin in October, we talked more than we ever have. Lots of laughs. Now I know why. R.I.P. Jr.”

“He was my first cousin,” she told Heavy in an interview. “He was 10 years younger, and we didn’t grow up together very close but always saw each other at my grandparents’ house on Christmas every year as kids. Most recently in October, we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday and he was there. We exchanged numbers with hopes of him visiting me in Atlanta once the pandemic lifted. He had a beautiful smile, infectious laugh. A great storyteller like a comedian. A wonderful father, who pushed his kids to be honor roll students even though he never finished school. He loved his family and would do anything to help. A huge heart. Never known to be violent or carry a gun that I’m aware. He will be missed and my family is heartbroken over this.”

On the shooting, she said, “I don’t have any details, except he was being served and ran to his car, and police opened fire.”




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