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Angela Ng
Angela Ng

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Angela Ng was at home with her family at around 9 am Monday morning when gunfire frightened her mother while her mother was having breakfast at her home at the 14600 block of Southwest 18th Court in Davie.
She was the little girl of proud parents whose health was deteriorating. The 11-year-old was terminally ill, undergoing chemotherapy, and cancer in his leg meant he would soon have to be cut.

Angela Ng Age

She was 11 years old.

Angela Ng Shot & Dead

A little past 2 o’clock. A silver truck headed for the long driveway and stopped on the path to the home. After about 15 minutes, the two now carried a body bag or linoleum-lined stretcher back to the truck.

It was announced that the girl died at the scene after her body was evicted hours later. The father was transferred to Broward Medical Center, where he later died.

“We have an 11-year-old boy who died and a man in his 40s who was the father of the boy,” said Davie Police Lieutenant Mark Leone. “When talking to the mother, we were told the child had a debilitating terminal illness, which is a possibility why this tragic event occurred.”

The mother of the boy who was having breakfast at that time was not injured.

“When the police came, they talked to a woman who heard gunshots coming from one of the rooms,” Leone said.

“Losing your husband and child is terrible,” said neighbor Thelma Napolitano.

Thelma and George Napolitano said that the family they fell in love with, especially the 11-year-old girl Angela Ng.

Thelma said, “I would give him all my books, so I saw him since he was a baby.”

They said recently that the mother said there was something very wrong with her daughter.

She said he was very sick. He said something was happening to Angela. He’s in the hospital and I don’t know when he’s coming home, ”Thelma said.

When the police arrived at the scene, a woman’s scream was heard in the neighborhood.

I heard your mother come into my garden. They took it, put it in the car, and it made a noise like I heard before. It was very upset, ”said neighbor Charlene Wells. As the mother of a child who died in a car accident and how painful it was, I can imagine what they are going through now. This is horrible. I feel sorry for him. I really want it, ”Wells said.

Napolitanos said they hoped people would remember a beautiful family who loved their daughters.

“He was a gentleman and it was a terrible shock for us,” George said.

George added that when bad weather happens, your dad will check his neighbors and make sure they are okay.

Police said the 11-year-old was the only child in the house. The exact nature of the child’s diagnosis is unknown.