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Angelo Quinto
Angelo Quinto

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Angelo Quinto was a Navy veteran who died after an encounter with Antioch, California, his parents say an officer kneeled behind his neck for almost five minutes.

You can watch the video below, but remember this is very disturbing. John Burris Law Firm, “Angelo Quinto was unreasonably physically restrained and drowned by Antakya police on December 23, 2020. He later died in hospital.”

Angelo Quinto Died

The police refused to use force against Quinto, and the cause of death is still unknown.

In the video that only shows the aftermath of the encounter and doesn’t include the episode about the show, you see a cop while lying on the floor unresponsive and asking Quinto if he was taking medication. Officers put their hands behind his back.

“What happened?” says a woman. The video is four minutes long. “I came from work. He was sleeping when I got home,” she says.

Officers roll Quinto on his back on the stretcher while Quinto stands still. Is it pulsing? What’s going on? “The woman says. Didn’t you see that she took anything? No illegal drugs?” One officer asks. The woman says she has no idea because she just came from work.

The video then includes a reenactment.

One man in this part of the video says an officer kneels behind Quinto’s neck. They handcuffed him and he knelt down, said the man. The man says the position holds for 4.5 to 5 minutes. Then the paramedics came.

Some draw parallels between the Quinto case and George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

According to Cut, the 30-year-old Quinto was a Navy veteran with mental health issues. Lived in Antakya, California.

Cut reported that his family called the police in December 2020 because of “erratic behavior”. He died in a hospital after “encountering officers” who answered the call, The Cut reported.

The Cut pleaded with the officers, “Please don’t kill me.”

He said, “Please don’t kill me.” Please don’t kill me, “Quinto’s mother, Cassandra Quinto-Collins, told KTVU.” I was watching them. I trusted them. I thought they knew what they were doing. ”

According to the TV channel, an autopsy is still pending to determine the cause of death.

Mercury News reported that police had not publicly spoken of the death for a month.

Antioch police Lieutenant John Fortner told The Mercury News that the officers handcuffed Quinto but “did not use physical force, such as tasers, tear gas, batons, or strikes on his body”, and police officers already called an ambulance when Quinto “began experiencing a medical emergency”.

“The ambulance has increased their response,” Fortner told the newspaper. “(Ambulance) carried him to the hospital, they stabilized it for three days and unfortunately he died.”

An online obituary says that Quinto passed away on Saturday, December 26, at the age of 30. He is reunited with his cousin, uncle and some dear friends in heaven. Angelo was born in the Philippines, but moved to the United States (USA) in secondary school. He graduated from Berkeley High School in 2008 and attended Berkeley City College. He lived in Houston, Texas for a year before returning to the Bay Area. “