Mom ‘punched her 10-year-old son : Ann Perugia Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Charged, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Mom 'punched her 10-year-old son : Ann Perugia Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Charged, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Ann Perugia Wiki

Ann Perugia, 35, allegedly argued with her son when he refused to get washed, before hitting him and dislocating his jaw, South Daytona police say.

Ann Perugia Age

she is 35 years old.

Ann Perugia punched her 10-year-old son

Perugia had collected her son from school that day and let him play the popular game until 7 pm with his friends.

After being asked to turn the machine off and get ready for bed, Perugia came back into the room to see that her son was still playing and hadn’t moved from the sofa.

Perugia sternly told him to ‘get into the shower’, police say.

When the boy got up his mother is alleged to have lost her temper and followed him into the bathroom.

The boy told investigators that as he walked into the bathroom, Perugia punched him in the jaw dislocating it.

Police investigation

Police say the youngster then found used his cellphone to call his dad and tell him what had happened. The father then came round to the house to pick him up.

Perugia has denied the claims and told police a different version of events claiming her son went into a strop as he reluctantly went into the bathroom.

When she asked him about his sudden change in attitude he replied, ‘I hate you and you don’t do anything for me!’

After leaving him to himself, a few minutes later she noticed he was packing a bag and speaking to his dad on the phone.

As the boy tried to leave their home, she grabbed his arm and tried to pull him back inside.

The boy is then alleged to sit by his mom’s car and throw rocks at it according to the Miami Herald.

When the boy’s father arrived on the scene he told police that his son was standing outside the house with a bag containing his shoes and clothing.

At that moment, Perugia came out and told the boy’s father to take his son and leave. Then it is alleged that the boy told his father that his mother hit him. The police only got involved after the boy’s aunt went to a police station to report the alleged violence. The boy’s father said he wanted to press charges for child abuse. Perugia has since been arrested and is being held without bail. She is accused of inflicting mental and physical injuries on a child.