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Anne Beatts

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Anne Beatts was an American comedy writer. She was a pioneering comedy writer who died at the age of 71, Anne Beatts  helped air “Saturday Night Live” and created the cult favorite sitcom of the 1980s “Square Pegs.”

Anne Beatts, one of the few female comedy writers who graced SNL’s halls in the 1970s, died at the age of 74. The original SNL cast Laraine Newman shared the news on Twitter on April 8 and was later confirmed to Vulture. By Stephen Galloway, dean of the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, where the Beatts taught sketch-comedy writing.

Anne Beatts Age

She was 74 years old.

Anne Beatts Family

Daughter Jaylene Beatts survived by sister Barbara, brother Murray and nephews Kate and Jennifer.

Anne Beatts Education

Anne entered McGill University. Beats Jewish writers J.D. It was at McGill University where Salinger, Philip Roth, and Bruce Jay Friedman discovered the black tragic humor.

Anne Beatts Background & Career

After graduating from college, the Beatts joined the National Lampoon magazine, the national branch of Harvard Lampoon. He brought his dark sense of humor to his job, and he wrote a parody ad for Volkswagen, designed by Philip Socci, and the magazine was later sued by the car company.

The Beatts were a respected figure in comedy circles, given his long resume. She and her then-partner, Rosie Shuster, were among the very few women who worked on “SNL” when it aired on NBC in 1975. The Beatts was also the first female editor of National Lampoon.

Working on the first five seasons of “SNL,” Beatts and Shuster created some of the most memorable first sketches and characters, including Uncle Roy, Laraine Newman’s Child Psychiatrist, Irwin Mainway, and Prostitute Fred Garvin. The Beatts returned to “SNL” in 1999 as a special consultant for their 25th anniversary. The Emmy has been nominated five times on “SNL” and has won twice.

Anne also wrote for their Broadway production “Gilda: Live”, the 1979 musical revision starring “SNL’s” Gilda Radner, and the Tony-nominated 1985 musical “Leader of the Pack”.

Anne Beatts Death & Cause

Beatts died Wednesday at her home in West Hollywood, family confirmed.

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