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Ansley Pacheco
Ansley Pacheco

Ansley Pacheco Wiki – Ansley Pacheco Biography

Ansley Pacheco is a social media phenomenon and OnlyFans model living in Miami with her seven-year-old son and husband. She is the subject of a chilling incident where he protects his family from masked thieves who raided his house and shoots uzi weapons at him and his family. The home security camera of Ansley Pacheco’s home showed the model in the bedroom of the Hialeah property, where the incident occurred on October 4th.

Ansley Pacheco Age

She is 26 years old.

Ansley Pacheco OnlyFans

Ansley Pacheco is a social media influencer and model. Focus reports that she lives with her seven-year-old son and husband in Miami. He is active on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. His steamy and sexy photo shoots gained 162 thousand followers on Instagram and 18.5 thousand followers on Twitter. The social media personality also has an OnlyFans account that posts exclusive fan content for its exclusive subscribers. The account is known for its X-rated and adult content posts, where celebrities demand enormous amounts of money to reveal some sexually explicit videos and images.

Ansley Pacheco Burglars Incident

On October 4, two men entered through the front door and started shooting at the Miami model’s husband, Daniel, and his friends at home. The video shows Pacheco hurrying to grab her own pistol before she starts shooting at the robbers through her bedroom door to save her family.

She recounted the horror as reported by the local 10, β€œI went to the nightstand. I took the gun and opened the door. If the guys came face to face with me I saw one. He told me to lower my gun. Just no I nodded and then said “Don’t shoot me, boy here.” β€œThe brutal robbers, ignoring him, started shooting into the bedroom with bullets hitting the headboard, cabinet door, and television screen.

“They shot me six or seven times about seven times,” the model said. With kindness, his seven-year-old son was saved in the crossfire. You know, they could have killed him. They could have killed me. They didn’t care at all, ”Pacheco said. “We don’t know who they are, but I really hope they get caught,” Local 10 told.

Later, Pacheco’s husband, Daniel, goes to chase the thieves who get into their getaway car. The site mentions that Daniel had guests that night. However, nobody was injured. The robbers have not yet been caught by the police, and the couple are said to have “no idea” as to who might be behind the terrifying ordeal.

A journalist tweeted about the incident and the related footage, β€œMy reaction was to take the gun and defend it. They could have killed me. They could have killed my son. They were shooting over his head. They didn’t care. ‘Ansley Pacheco said she was shot at least 6 times during the 10/4 rape of a household. ”