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Anthony Aguero
Anthony Aguero

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Anthony Aguero, a conservative live broadcaster, activist, and Greene’s partner, said he was among those who went in after the January 6 incident and falsely claimed to have been made by “Antifa”, CNN reported. In a video released on January 7, Aguero said, “We were all there. It wasn’t Antifa and it wasn’t BLM. It was Trump supporters who did this yesterday. I was the first to accept it,” Aguero said in a video released on January 7, “I walked among all these people. ”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, after the crowd in the Capitol on January 6, claimed that the raids on the federal building were members of the alternative leftist group ANTIFA, although a friend of her was part of the mob and confirmed that she was. a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Anthony Aguero Marjorie Taylor Greene’s associate

The video and other similar videos proving Aguero’s connection to Greene have since been deleted and revealed by CNN’s KFile. The two worked closely on causes such as immigration and the border wall over the years. The two also attended pro-Trump rallies together.

As we walked away from the Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue after the uprising, Aguero said in a live video, “A message has been sent. These politicians will not continue to get rid of harassment as they do. We will continue. The National Guard has just been called. Previously a woman’s face was shot. Blood on the ground. I recorded it for you. I couldn’t go live during the whole event because the signal was either deliberately stuck or there was too much, too many people outside, Gentlemen, I was able to do this inside the rooms and I have footage to provide you when you get in there. ”


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In one of the videos Aguero posted on Instagram that day, it is heard that he was cheering on those trying to enter the Capitol from afar. He is seen chanting “slowly” as a rebel gang presses against the Capitol Police. Aguero wrote “MAGA” in a comment below the video. Similarly, in another video, the slogan “our home” can be heard from the steps of the Capitol Building. He then described the intruders as “patriots” and “# PatriotsSaveAmerica2021! Not Antifa / BLM !!!” made his comment.

Greene has repeatedly called Aguero “awesome” and “friend” on social media, and named Greene “one of my closest friends,” according to KFline and Aguero. Still, he falsely claimed that those who entered the Capitol were “Antifa” dressed like MAGA fans, not Trump supporters. “There were warnings that Antifa would dress like a Trump supporter days ago at the January 6 rally. The National Guard was requested and rejected for the January 6 rally. No matter who you are, there is no excuse for anyone attacking the Capitol, but Antifa was clearly there,” he tweeted.

When reached for comment by the broadcast, Aguero told CNN that “the uploaded videos are not mine, they were recorded screens from other broadcasts I saw.” Aguero confirmed to CNN that he was in the Capitol on January 6, and told him that he was an “independent journalist” reporting the events. He also stressed his support for Greene. “I fully support Marjorie Taylor Greene. We need bigger people like him. God bless him and his family,” said Aguero.