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Anthony Huber
Anthony Huber

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Anthony Huber was selected as the two victims of the Black Lives Matter show in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after Jacob Blake was shot by the police. Loves say a hero died while trying to take down a hitman and is known for his skateboarding passion.

Antioch, the young supporter of the police who filled his Facebook page with gun pictures and police advocacy, was selected as a defendant hitman in a chaotic shooting sequence that broke out in a police shooting demonstration in Kenosha, Illinois, Kyle Rittenhouse, Wisconsin. From Jacob Blake. Heavy confirmed through Illinois court records that Rittenhouse was in custody in Illinois, where he was accused of being a justice fugitive. Records say he was charged with first-degree intentional murder in Kenosha.

The loved ones were holding a vigil on his behalf as news of his death spread at a local skate park in Huber. “#Skateforhuber came out for this guy. His partner, Hannah Gittings, wrote on facebook, don’t let him go without seeing how much it affects your life.

Anthony Huber Professional Skateboarder

Huber was a skilled skateboarder. “He was a beloved skateboarder in #Kenosha and outlived his partner and little boy,” explained a comment writer.

“This 26-year-old Anthony Huber is one of the victims who was shot dead during the protests and chaos in #Kenosha last night,” journalist Pari Cruz shared the photo above.

His partner says he is the smartest, kindest and loving man he has ever known. He told me that he was an incredibly talented skater, semi-professional in his early youth. At Basik Skate Park in Kenosha, people honor his memory by asking them to slip in his honor. #Wisconsin #SkateForHuber #RIP. ”

The name of Rittenhouse, who is widely shared on social media as the man in the green shirt who opened fire after being chased on the street, appears in the court records. Heavy received a court record from Lake County Courts in Illinois confirming that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who lives in Antakya, was charged with “intentional first-degree murder” in the Kenosha County courts in Wisconsin State. He is accused of “fleeing the State of Wisconsin to avoid prosecution for this crime” in an arrest warrant. The document was filed on August 26.

Anthony Huber Shot & Dead

According to court records, the suspect is only 17 years old. Witnesses told the Heavy that he was at the scene with a group of white men who came to Kenosha to defend the property after fires broke out during Black Lives Matter demonstrations. A call for armed citizens to defend people and property later appeared on social media, although Kenosha police have not yet confirmed to which group Rittenhouse is associated, if any. The dramatic photos on the stage show that a skateboard hit him at one point.

Another person died, and a third was shot shortly before midnight on August 25 during demonstrations in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Graphic videos show a victim lying on the ground with a head injury. The names of other victims have not yet been revealed.

Some people have different perspectives on the situation. This guy put together various video sequences and they started with the earliest footage in the timeline. He claims that in the first shot, a person was running after Rittenhouse. By sharing, we are not saying we agree with the interpretation within it; we share it rather because the video, especially at the beginning, sheds new light on the sequence of events or adds at least new video to understanding how things unfold.


Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he wasn’t sure if there was a single hitman.

Kenosha police told the Heavy that the State Justice Department was investigating the shot; The DOJ is also the leading agency investigating the police shooting of Jacob Blake, which initiated the whole disorder. Eyewitnesses told that Heavy had been shot in the head of a man at the scene and described people with convulsions and lying on the floor.