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Antonio Clemente Rodriguez

Antonio Clemente Rodriguez Biography

Antonio Clemente Rodriguez was identified as a Miami-Dade police officer who got rid of his post after body camera footage appeared when he hit a woman yelling at him at Miami International Airport on Wednesday night, July 1.

The video depicts a masked officer who gets angry and mocked by talking to a black woman at a terminal on Wednesday. “When you’re really Black, you’re acting like white… what do you want to do?” the woman says.

The unmasked woman rises to the man and puts her face in exactly before hitting her face. “He confused me,” says the officers in a hurry to handcuff him.

A law enforcement agency said the woman was loudly complaining about a missed or delayed flight. A ticket agent called the police. The officer came, said the source, and tried to calm him, but after he started yelling at him, the conflict escalated.

Antonio Clemente Rodriguez Black Officer of Puerto Rican Heritage

Antonio Clemente Rodriguez was identified by multiple sources, according to the Miami Herald. He is the Black officer of the Puerto Rico heritage and is at the airport. The identity of the woman and the charges she faced were not immediately known on Wednesday. The video, shot from a computer or TV screen, began to wander between law enforcement officials Wednesday and was announced to the public by the documentary film director and activist Billy Corben.

Miami-Dade Police Director Statement

Miami-Dade Police Director Alfredo Ramirez said he asked Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to investigate the use of power in a series of tweets.

“I was shocked and angry at a body camera video that I saw one of our officers involved. I immediately launched an investigation and ordered the dismissal of the relevant officers. ”He tweeted.

The video, produced by protests across the country, broke out because of the police brutality triggered by the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. Floyd died when a Minneapolis officer pressed a knee around his neck; the officer was later charged with murder.

Miami-Dade Police Charity Association Statement

The head of the Miami-Dade Police Philanthropy Association said the officer hit him with an “open handclasp,” and sometimes referred to as a “diversion strike”.

“Obviously he was aggressive. He was asked to leave. “The warrior is pushing his face directly to his face,” said PBA President Steadman Stahl.

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