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Apollo Legend
Apollo Legend

Apollo Legend Wiki – Apollo Legend Bio

Apollo Legend was a speed runner and YouTuber from the Pacific Northwest United States. He is best known for his outspoken ideas about the speedrunning community and the viral video takedown by former video game record holders Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell. On December 31, 2020, Apollo Legend was found dead in his home. She reportedly died after posting a suicide note on YouTube.

Apollo Legend Age

Apollo Legend age unknown will be updated soon.

Apollo Legend Early Life & Background

Apollo Legend started the fast run under the username “Frogburt”, where he performed the fast runs of the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. During his time under this name, he broke the world record by beating Ocarina of Time in the “No Ganon’s” category, where the game was beaten using the “wrong warp” error, jumping to the last credits, avoiding the final boss battle. Ganon. He also competed in other Ocarina of Time fast running categories and ran Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko fast runs.

Frogurt gained a small audience on Twitch where he broadcast his fast games live. One of Frogburt’s first Twitch viewers (speed runner ikswozol) uploaded a series of clips from Frogburt’s Twitch stream where he shared interesting personal stories from Frogburt’s life. This story series became known as “Tales of Highburt” and was fondly enjoyed by its early fans. Before June 10, 2016, Frogburt disabled the Twitch channel and later renamed itself Apollo Legend.

Apollo Legend launched its YouTube channel on June 10, 2016. The first video uploads consisted mostly of “sprint highlights” videos – Apollo collected various fast runner clips from Twitch streams and then compiled the clips into featured videos. Apollo ended unlisting / hiding / deleting many of these old videos and switched to a different style of video, but inspired many other fast running channels like gladJonas and Speedrun Fails.

Apollo Legend Suicide

  •  I love you all. Thank you to DarkViper and EZScape for giving me the final push that I needed.
  • I tried to hold myself back in the video but I can’t help it. People have no clue what I deal with everyday. When I was abo. five years old my dad threw me on the ground and covered my mouth and nose to where I couldn’t breathe and screamed into my face because I wanted to play some game that he was playing and that’s how he treated us everyday. I couldn’t even tell that story without crying until I was 18 or so. I have scoliosis which causes my back, hips and shoulders to ache constantly. I’m sick everyday, I throw up often. My medicine makes me vomit but then if I don’t take it I vomit. My body is completely useless, I can’t do anything. IA completely out of my mi., all my thoughts are so painful and aggravating and because IA Ieverything I say onli. gets used to make me look like a bad person. I’m not a bad person, I’m under incredible stress. Try living with this much pain and let, see the decisions you make. That, only the stuff I’m comfortable talking about, there is more that’s even worse.
  • The speedrun community are such hypocrites. They pretend to care so much about everyone’s, feelings and then in the same video they call you retarded scum, I know I exposed people for cheating but I never said anything like that. They tell me they agree with me privately and then publicly betray me. If I complained abo. my life all the time then I bet they’d see me as relatable b. because I try to push through it and act normal, they hate me.
  • My greatest thanks to Tom, Jonas, Nick, Brad, Sonfloro, Tipster and Keem for being great friends even if I didn’t always give you a reason.