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Areline Martinez
Areline Martinez

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Areline Martinez was blindfolded and his hands tied. The TikTok video shows Martinez sitting next to a young man in a hostage character, another man appears to be attacking them. A young mother died while filming a TikTok video for her followers. Areline Martinez faked her own kidnapping for the video, but her friends who were reported to be part of the fake kidnapping accidentally killed her.

Areline Martinez Age

She was 20 years old.

Areline Martinez TikTok

Sun reported that the incident took place in Chihuahua, Mexico, on October 2, after the 20-year-old victim was blindfolded and his hands were tied. His last social media post on the day of Destiny was: “Time doesn’t stop, and I don’t.” In the TikTok video, Martinez was showing Martinez sitting next to a young man in the hostage character, and another man seemed to be attacking both of them. .

The clip also showed a third-person swinging an automatic gun. Then a young man was seen pushing the hostage-playing man to his knees when he pointed the gun behind his head. Shortly after that, Martinez was fatally shot.

However, it was not immediately clear how the gun exploded, why the people concerned were using a gun with real ammunition and whether it was licensed. Local Mexican media reported that the ignition was unintentional and “accidentally” exploded.

Chihuahua state attorney Cesar Augusto Peniche Espejel said: “One of the hypotheses we look at is that [the young people] tampered with thinking that they did not load a firearm and accidentally shot the woman.” Reports indicated that after the incident, Martinez’s body remained on the ground with his hands tied, while the woman’s friends left the scene.

It was said that a total of 10 young people were present at the scene and one of them later gave information to the police about the incident that resulted in death. The case is currently under investigation and reports indicate that the two suspects have been identified, but it is not clear whether they were arrested or arrested. A funeral was held for Martinez on Monday, October 5th.

This tragic incident occurs months after a TikTok star Ronnie McNutt died while streaming live on Facebook. The devastating incident reportedly occurred while sitting in front of a table at McNutt’s home in Mississippi on August 31st. The clip soon traumatized social media users and their family. It was featured on TikTok’s ‘For You’ trend homepage, and reportedly a number of social media users inadvertently watched the clip as it showed a bearded man with glasses talking to someone on the phone.

Celebration Church Tupelo, of which McNutt is a member, confirmed his death in a Facebook post on September 1. The post reads: “In the midst of a sudden tragedy that occurred last night, we are upset with the McNutt Family during this time because Ronnie McNutt is our brother in Jesus.”

“Ronnie will be missed by everyone who loves and knows him. He was very loving, loyal, loyal, reliable and eccentric. He served his church faithfully and was loved by many. Although the events surrounding his death are tragic, we are relieved Our Creator, Ronnie to Jesus Christ. He believes that he is now in front of our loving Father, as he confesses and converts as a believer. “