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An unidentified female couple Ash O’Brien and Jarret Kelley got married because they did not wear face masks while eating
It was reported that an angry woman matched a couple in a park in California because they did not wear face masks while enjoying a picnic lunch together.

The disturbing incident happened on Thursday afternoon when Ash O’Brien visited her husband Jarrett Kelley and the three-month-old puppy at the Rhodes Dog Park in San Diego.

Images shot by a relevant witness begin in half of the conflict and show the woman wearing a black face mask by applying pepper spray on Kelley.

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Kelley waits in the background while trying to wrestle the pepper spray can from the woman’s hands in the background
Kelley stops soon and meets witnesses. Kelley is temporarily blinded by tear gas.

‘What is your problem? You just addressed him! ” a woman says the witness. “This is just wrong!”

The woman witness adds, ‘You just putted them and their food because you disagree.’

The unidentified woman and her dog then quickly leave the park without saying another word.
According to O’Brien, the couple sat down for lunch and didn’t wear a mask at the time because they ate.

She claims that the woman bothered them by saying ‘idiot’ and turning O’Brien.

‘We weren’t wearing a mask because we were eating. You can’t wear a mask and eat at the same time, ‘said O’Brien in a Facebook post.

“Then he started to say more and I told him to leave the park and stop harassing us.”

O’Brien later said the couple was approaching the table he was eating and targeted pepper spray without warning.
Then we were eating, came up to the table, first pointed at the bun and got on me a little bit, then my husband came in and took the whole canister, ”O’Brien wrote.

The couple went to the hospital for Kelley to receive medical treatment later.

Now, they want the woman to be sentenced to prison, and they have prepared a blatant battery report to the local police department.

“ I want him to go to jail, he attacked my husband and I’m angry about it, ” said O’Brien to ABC. 10

He added that Rodos Dog Park does not have a food policy and if they do not, they will not bring food.

The lady who appealed to her automatically began to say something about not wearing a mask while we were at social distances; There was nobody near us. ‘

O’Brien said no dogs were harmed during the incident.

“People don’t need to be attacked because they don’t wear masks in a public place,” said O’Brien.

The state of California applied a face covering the task as cases and deaths continued to climb.