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Barbara Kogan
Barbara Kogan

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Barbara Kogan, a 77-year-old murderer from Manhattan, was released from prison, who ordered the murder of her wealthy husband to raise $ 4.3 million in life insurance money. Famously known as the ‘Black Widow’, Barbara has been in prison for the past 12 years since the murder of antiques dealer George Kogan, who was shot on a sidewalk in the Upper East Side. According to state records, Kogan was released from Taconic State Prison, a women’s prison in Westchester County, on Thursday, November 19th.

Barbara Kogan Age

He is 77 years old.

Barbara Kogan Arrest & Charge

Meanwhile, Barbara escaped and hid in Puerto Rico for years. Martinez was finally arrested in November 2008, about seven months after the murder and 18 years after George’s death. George’s nephew, “Barbara was grinning at me while I was mourning and crying,” at Barbara’s conviction hearing in June 2010. During a series of hearings, Barbara also earned the nickname “black widow” for the dark clothing she wore in court. He pleaded guilty in 2020 after being accused of unintentional manslaughter, conspiracy, and grand theft. Prosecutors eventually sought a plea settlement in their case, fearing that their second-instance case would be difficult to prove in court.

A copy of the probation hearing for Barbara earlier this year revealed that she acted as if she was shocked to learn that her husband had been shot. “I was actually very surprised when he was killed,” Barbara told two parole board members via video link from the Taconic Correction Facility in Bedford Hills, NY. His statement clearly contradicted his alleged conspiracy for murder and theft in 2010. “I didn’t even do it – I didn’t think it was me,” he said. “‘What is going on here?’ I thought.” State records show that Barbara will remain on parole. 2038.

“Kogan’s alleged confusion, clean prison disciplinary record and vulgar apology – ‘I feel terrible, okay?’ Laura Italiano of the New York Post snapped at one point – apparently enough to convince the parole board that they could be safely returned to the community, “he wrote. Over a month before Kogan’s release, Hawkins opened up about the incident 30 years later and described Barbara as “the animal.” He told the NY Post: “He’s an animal. Barbara is extremely good at manipulating people – even parole officers.”