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Stuart Hill
Stuart Hill

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A report concluded that the Grand Canyon helicopter crash that killed five British friends, including the honeymoon couple, was likely caused by the pilot’s loss of control due to backwind conditions.

Brothers Stuart and Jason Hill, 30 and 32, originally from Worthing, West Sussex, were killed alongside Stuart’s 27-year-old girlfriend, Becky Dobson, in the tragedy that Airbus EC130 B4 crashed shortly before sunset on February 10, 2018.

Her honeymooners, Ellie Udall from West Sussex, and Jonathan Udall, originally from Southampton, also died from injuries sustained in the crash.


Stuart’s 27-year-old girlfriend, Becky Dobson, died in the accident, along with her honeymoon friends Ellie Milward from West Sussex and Jonathan Udall from Southampton.

In its latest report on the incident, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the United States concluded that the likely cause of the loss of control of the aircraft was tailwinds, potential downsides and turbulence.

The group was on vacation in the US to celebrate Stuart’s 30th birthday, and the Udalls were traveling as newlyweds and taking a trip to Las Vegas.

Jason’s girlfriend Jennifer Dorricott survived the accident but suffered life-changing injuries.

Pilot Scott Booth also survived, but both legs were amputated.

He was making his third air tour flight of the day while trying to land next to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

No evidence of mechanical problems was found during the post-crash inspection of the helicopter, based on findings that did not contain any safety advice. Investigators found difficulties.

According to the findings, the “most important factor” affecting the survival of those on board the helicopter was the fire that broke out after the collision.

The aircraft “was not equipped and did not need to be equipped with a crash resistant fuel system”.

After the collision, the helicopter company announced that it would install collision-proof tanks in its fleet.