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Benny Mardones
Benny Mardones

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Benny Mardones, known for his 1980 hit “Into the Night,” which smashed the billboard singles three times, died on June 22 after a 20-year war with Parkinson’s disease, confirming to producer Joel Diamond Variety. He was 73 years old.

Benny Mardones was born on November 9, 1946, at Ruben Armand Mardones in Ohio, Cleveland, the son of an immigrant from Santiago, Chile. He grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore and served in the Navy during the Vietnam war.

Benny Mardones Age

He was 73 years old at the time of death.

Benny Mardones Career

For the first time in Mardones’ show business, Elvis Presley was pretended at a July 4th talent show in the hometown of Maryland before performing regularly with the same backup group at local high school dances and firefighters. He would then challenge Elvis Costello to fight the “Merv Griffin Show” to use the insistent name that Lou Costello would agree to go if he lost the singer. The idol of the young singer was Roy Orbison, who performed at the first rock concert she attended after she accidentally tried to sell her an extra ticket before the show. “My seat was up on the balcony and I was almost dead when the same person I tried to compile for a ticket I walked on stage died.”

Shortly after Diamond first came to New York in 1969 with Mardones, he signed him to MRC Music, the broadcast episode of Mercury Records, as a staff writer. Joel and his assistant, Tommy Mottola, who took charge of Sony Music, were impressed when Mardones sang a cappella in the office. “It’s one of the best voices I’ve heard outside of Daryl Hall,” Mottola insists. Mardones and his partner Alan Miles started writing the number one R&B song for Brenda Lee, Three Dog Night, Main Ingredient, Free, Tommy James and Barbara Jean English.

The White Whale Records were then signed as an artist of Columbia, and it means “And We’ll Be Separate Another Day Tomorrow” with Philadelphia’s Voice editor Bobby Martin.

Mardones began writing with Robert Tepper after signing with Polydor Records, where “Night to the Top” was first published. A rising power song about being obsessed with a young girl, the song became a nationwide shot, reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, and later became one of the few songs that hit the top 20 when revived in 1989. However, Mardones fell into substance abuse, and the song was his only major hit list. He recovered in the mid-1980s, and Syracuse moved to N.Y and revived his career, and Ronald McDonald House, T.J., whose group focused on the Northeast, helped raise money for Hurricanes and child liver transplants. Martell Foundation and L.A. Breast Cancer Awareness among other causes.

Mardones was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000, but continued on tour and concerts. His most recent album, “Timeless” was released in 2015 and finally took the stage in late 2017, but later experienced complications after surgery to correct tremors related to Parkinson’s. However, Diamond re-recorded “In the Night” for the third time in 2019 with the dance club remixes of Kirli Werk and Eric Kupper on the Billboard in 2019. Said Diamond, “It is always something to say from Benny Mardones, is that he absolutely tightens the tube of life.”

Benny Mardones Death

He was died at the age of 73.