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Bevelyn Beatty
Bevelyn Beatty

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Bevelyn Beatty, 29-year-old Staten Island, N.Y resident, is in the spotlight in front of Trump Tower to destroy the BLM mural. Co-Founder / Evangelist of At The Well Ministries, founded in 2015 on Facebook. She studied AAS, Specialized Sales, Merchandise, and Marketing at The Art Institute of New York City.

Bevelyn Beatty Vandalizes the BLM

The Black Lives Matter mural in front of the Trump Tower in Midtown was attacked twice on Saturday (July 18th) and injured to stop a police officer throwing black paint. On Saturday afternoon, a woman, who has been identified as Bevelyn Beatty since then, poured black paint on her mural painting and called for “refinance” the city to the police.

“Black matters, but for black people you want to defeat the police. You’re lying, ”he said. The scene became chaotic when police officers tried to arrest him, but apparently resisted, causing an officer to fall hard on the concrete on Fifth Avenue, damage his shoulder, and writh in pain.

Witnesses uncovered the madness. “It looked like it had slipped into wet paint,” one man told CBS2’s Nick Caloway. “It looked like he was in pain. Lay. They took him in the ambulance. It took several minutes for other officers to detain the woman, covered in black paint. A second woman was also arrested regarding the incident.

Bevelyn Beatty Voted for Trump in 2016

According to an article titled “I would love Negro,” his family N.C. Moved to the east side of Charlotte My background is a bit interesting. Things were not difficult at first, but I think things started to change when my parents left. I remember the day. He grabbed his stuff and looked out the window and cried, “No, where’s he going, no.” I’m just devastated. I will remember that day for the rest of my life. ”

He says that he learned that in conservative ideology, Christ was at least one thing from another woman while in prison. He voted for Obama and initially supported Ben Carson because of his strong Christian ideology. Carson chose to support Trump after he was removed from the nominations and even started to work in 2017.

Bevelyn Beatty was a Republican Candidate

Beatty was a candidate for the Maine State House of Representatives Region under the republican party in 2018. He withdrew his candidacy, saying that he did not receive support from God or the Republican party in his offer to represent Belfast, Northport and Waldo. Legislative body.

He said he felt “left alone” in the Belfast seat race in the Beatty Legislative Assembly and felt that the Republican Party’s support was “not there”.