Schoolboy injured in a car crash: Bradley Duke Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Accident, More Facts You Need To know

Schoolboy injured in a car crash: Bradley Duke Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Accident, More Facts You Need To know

Bradley Duke Wiki

A 14-year-old Bradley Duke was minutes from death after cracking his head in a car crash but was saved by the BMW which automatically dialled 999.

Bradley Duke Cause Of Accident

Bradley Duke was in the backseat travelling to school with his brother Hayden, 11, when their mother slid on black ice and lost control of the car at 55mph while on a rural Sheffield road.

Bradley suffered devastating fractures in the skull and spine that left him fighting for his life in the footwell of the car during the terrible crash in January 2017.

The remains of mother Claire Duke’s 2014 BMW 3 Series (left) after the vehicle slipped on black ice. Bradley was moments from death after fracturing his skull and was placed in a coma for nine days

Paramedics saved Bradley’s life with just a few seconds off and was put into an induced coma before flying to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for emergency brain surgery.

Bradley Duke Mother

Later, his mother discovered that emergency services were deployed at the scene of the accident by a safety feature in his 2014 BMW 3 Series that sends help when the airbags are activated.

The mother-of-three who also has an eight-week-old daughter, Sienna, says the technology ‘saved Bradley’s life’, after doctor’s revealed Bradley would have died if had he been treated just minutes later.

‘He would not be with us now if it weren’t for that safety feature in the car,’ she said.

‘If he had been lying there for just a few moments more he would have died.’

Ms. Duke and her youngest son suffered only minor injuries in the accident and Hayden, who was not aware of the safety feature, ran from the scene to seek help.

Bradley Duke Police Report

A police report found Bradley suffered much more serious injuries because he removed his seat belt moments before the smash, which his mother believes he did out of panic.

‘I looked back and saw Bradley slumped in the backseat so went to check on him, I could tell he was hurt but I thought he had probably just bumped his head.’

She realised the severity of Bradley’s injuries when she noticed a piece of his skull was missing, exposing his flesh.

Seconds later, Bradley stopped breathing and lost consciousness, what his mother remembers was the moment when “the fear really began.”

Bradley Duke In Hospital

Bradley, now 17, spent a month in the hospital and, after being discharged, had to re-learn many basic skills such as reading and writing, which he had lost as a result of the head injury.

The 17-year-old said: ‘I don’t remember anything about the crash, I blacked out.

‘The first thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with wires everywhere.

He added: ‘I feel very lucky if it wasn’t for the technology in the car and the doctors in the hospital, I wouldn’t be here today.