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Brandon Fellows
Brandon Fellows

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Brandon Fellows, 26, a former grocery store employee who lives on a converted bus, said President Trump was traveling to Washington, D.C. for his rally outside the White House on January 6 – but was later caught on a march in the Capitol. According to a Bloomberg News report.

A man outside the state of New York, who was caught smoking marijuana in a senator’s office during the attack on the US Capitol last week, says he regrets none.

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He is 26 years old.

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Brandon Craig Fellows, 26, from the north of New York, has only 46 followers on his Instagram account. But since he described himself as one of the participants in the US Capitol attacks on January 6, Bumble claims that his profile “exploded”. Most notably, he was a Trump supporter who walked into Senator Jeff Merkley’s office and smoked weed. . “I have no regrets,” he said shamelessly in a recent interview with Bloomberg, adding, “I didn’t hurt anyone, I didn’t break anything. Still, I think I was intruding.”

Before January 6, 2021, Fellows had not attended any Trump rally. However, he has always been a staunch Trump supporter. Prior to the Capitol attack, Fellows were impressed by a tweet from the president informing about a protest planned near the Capitol on January 6. In his famous tweet, Trump told his followers, “Be there, it will be wild!”

However, even on the way from New York to Washington DC, Fellows were unaware of the planned march to the U.S. Capitol. He has recently posted videos on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok showing him joining the rebels. The 26-year-old, who lives in a converted school bus, left his grocery shop job last spring in fear of getting Covid-19. He admits that he suffered from poverty in March and April 2020 after the state of New York refused to grant him unemployment benefits. He currently earns his living by repairing chimneys and cutting down trees.

Last year, she was motivated by conservative reviewers like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder on YouTube. He watches channels like Newsmax and One America News, which have been accused of spreading false claims that the 2020 presidential election is fraudulent against Trump. Fellows also got into conflicts with his own family. However, he claimed last week that the rebels in the Capitol “felt like family”.

After attending Trump’s rally, Fellows marched to the Capitol with MAGA supporters. The videos show him scaling a wall to break through the Senate side and then help others get past the wall. Although Fellows initially disagreed about entering interior spaces where police officers were posted, he did not hesitate after receiving assurances that no one had been arrested.


He shot several videos of the commotion on the Capitol and later posted them on Snapchat and then other social media platforms followed. She asked a police officer about not wearing a helmet and then posted the video with racial associations and aggressive jeeps.

The members filmed at the Capitol for about half an hour. During this time, Senator Jeff Merkley managed to break into his office, put his feet on his work table, and drank marijuana from a joint given to him by another rebel. Much later, Senator Merkley referred to his office as “trashed” after identifying the damage to his office.


As far as Fellows are concerned, the Capitol can be said to be quite proud of its presence in the ‘historic’ siege. He has not yet faced any punishment or charges from the authorities. In an interview with Bloomberg, he asked the reporter if he was going to go to federal prison and added a sharp word: “I was told that federal prison is not fun.”