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Brandon Petersen
Brandon Petersen

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Brandon Petersen, 31, from Newton, whose criminal history included more than eight years in prison for brutally stabbing a neighbor during a robbery, became the target of a manhunt following the murder of a female victim in Delaware Town on Sunday night.

According to a report, a New Jersey man who was arrested for murdering a woman over the weekend was convicted when he was young for brutally stabbing his neighbor.

Brandon Petersen, 31, was detained in Pennsylvania on Monday for alleged victims of N.J., Delaware Township the day before.

“On December 6, 2020, approximately 21:13, officers from the Delaware County Police Department responded to an emergency call within the County,” Hunterdon County Attorney Attorney Michael J. Williams said in a statement.

“On arrival, they discovered that the victim’s friends had transported him to a local hospital in Mercer County, where he succumbed to his wounds,” he said.

Brandon Petersen Arrested

The police started looking for Petersen, but did not state why he was a suspect or how the unidentified woman was killed.

The charges against Petersen were pending Tuesday.

NJ.com reports that the New Jersey man was arrested in 2005 for brutally stabbing his 57-year-old neighbor during a robbery attempt.

Petersen, only 15 at the time, was trying to pay a drug dealer and stabbed Doris Zayacz in the head, check, forehead and wrists while trying to get her money.

A piece of the knife stuck into Zayacz’s head and all the blood from the murder destroyed the cell phone he was trying to use to summon help.

The neighbor miraculously survived the terrible attack. Petersen sentenced to 13 years in prison

Delaware County police responded to the 911 call at 9:15 pm. Acting Hunterdon County Attorney Michael Williams said he discovered the victim on Sunday was being taken to a local hospital in Mercer County in a private vehicle, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“There was no threat to the public at any point during this incident,” said Williams. “Our hearts and prayers go to the victim’s family and friends.”

According to the records, a judge from Sussex County sentenced Petersen to 13 years in prison in 2008, three years ago at the age of 15, after pleading guilty to repeatedly stabbing in a robbery-theft.

Petersen admitted that, after hurrying to get him into his car, he stuffed his bloody clothes and the 57-year-old victim’s bag into a bag he had tossed into Lenape Lake in Andover Town.

Authorities said the woman had been stabbed several times in her head, cheek, forehead, and wrists, and that part of the blade was broken into her head, adding that the victim bleed so heavily and short-circuited her cell phone while searching for the 911.

Petersen was in child custody at the time after authorities said he killed a goose and fired paintball guns at moving vehicles.

According to records, Petersen spent nearly 10 years behind bars before it was released in August 2019.