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Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott Wiki

Authorities identified him as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole, who said the suspected gunman killed himself shortly before the police arrived, adding that they believed investigators had a rifle.

Eight people also committed suicide after an attacker opened fire on a FedEx facility in Indianapolis late Thursday, according to police.

The officials said that four other people who were shot and one injured had been taken to hospitals, adding that some may have been transferred to medical facilities privately. No law enforcement officer was injured.

Brandon Scott Age

He was 19 years old.

Indianapolis FedEx facility shooting witness

When asked if the shooter was an employee at the FedEx facility, Cook said it was not yet known. According to a job posting by a package handler at the facility, the shooting took place just before the shift change between the twilight sequence starting at 17:30 and the midnight sequence starting at 23:30.

A witness told Indy First Alert: “A man came and took a gun from his trunk and entered. People were driving away, but then they started shooting at cars that were driving away. “He said the conflict started in the parking lot and then continued in the building.

FedEx Shooting

It was reported that the crash occurred shortly after 23:00. According to the police, ET and officers came to an active hitman incident.

“This suspect arrived at the facility and when he got there he got out of his car and started firing at random outside the facility pretty quickly,” said Craig McCartt, deputy director of criminal investigations for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Conference on Friday morning.

McCartt said the initial investigation showed that there was no confusion or controversy that prevented the shooting, which took about two minutes in advance.
FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith said the eight people killed were company employees.

“This is a devastating day and words are hard to describe the emotions we all feel,” he said.

“I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the families, friends and colleagues of this team members,” he said, adding that there are consultants at the facility to provide support.

A FedEx employee told NBC’s “TODAY” program that he was sitting outside the building when he heard what he initially thought was a car with engine problems. He soon realized that the sound was actually gunfire.

“And when I stand up, I see a man – a hooded figure – but I couldn’t see his face in detail,” Levi Miller said.

He said the man had a rifle, “and he started yelling and then shooting in random directions.” He could not understand what the gunman was shouting. “I thought you saw me, so I quickly leaned over to hide,” Miller said.

McCartt said there was some disappointment in connecting family members with survivors because employees were not with their cell phones when they fled the building.

FedEx said in a statement that “mobile phone access is limited to authorized team members in certain areas of FedEx Ground field operations to minimize potential distractions to pack sorting equipment and docking operations.”

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett prayed “to families whose lives are short-lived” and thanked the city’s first responders for their “tireless work overnight”.

“His quick responses provided critical assistance to those injured at the time of being shot and brought some calmness to an otherwise chaotic scene,” he said in a tweet.

“The grief left for us this morning – grief for the families of the murdered, grief for the employees who lost their co-workers, grief for many Americans struggling to realize that tragedies like this continue to happen again and again,” Hogsett said on Friday morning.

 Police Finding the Suspect Dead Inside the Building

In addition to the eight people killed, several were injured, with at least four others being shot and killed. The FedEx building is a ground facility close to the airport.

According to the scanner voice, the suspect was found dead in a bullet wound inside the building.

“We currently have an active hitman at FedEx,” said a dispatcher. One

“Looks like there’s a suspect inside. There’s a gunshot wound in the head. It looks like he’s got a gunshot wound here,” said an officer in voice. “Unless there’s someone else outside, this will be our suspect here.” They also found two people in the parking lot and one person in the office.

Cook said the conflict started right after 11:00 am. at the 8951 Mirabel Road facility in the southwest of the city. The officers responded to the report that fire was opened on that business. The officers encountered an active hit man incident on arrival. “Police said they believed the killer committed suicide. Scanner reports showed the suspect was found dead from a bullet wound to the head.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Genae Cook told reporters at a press conference early Friday morning, April 17, “After a preliminary search inside and outside the grounds, we identified eight injured people similar to bullet wounds at the scene. . These eight people were reported to have died at the scene here. We became aware of many other injured people who were transferred to local hospitals or transferred themselves to local hospitals. “A victim is in critical condition. The names of the victims are not disclosed.

Cook added, “IMPD detectives are working with Indiana State Police detectives gathering information and interviewing, not just those who are here at the scene, but also those who have gone to area hospitals seeking medical treatment. … It is very heartbreaking. … The officers responded, they came in, they went in and they did their job. And a lot of them are trying to face this because this is a sight that no one should ever have to see.”





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