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Brayden Leroy Wright
Brayden Leroy Wright

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A 13-year-old boy from Pennsylvania will be tried as an adult after killing his nine-year-old brother on his head, killing him when the cops and robbers go terribly wrong. Braynes Leroy Wright of Waynesboro was denied on bail after being charged with first-degree criminal murder and second-degree aggravated assault.

Brayden and his brother are said to play together on Wednesday morning at 06:00.

Brayden Leroy Wright Age

He is 13 years old.

Brayden Leroy Wright Shooting Brother

He told the young officers that he had gone to take one of the two 9mm pistols installed, that his father had kept it on the sofa in the living room for use during the game.
Brayden said his brother was angry when he ‘did not follow his orders’ in the game.

He told the police how he put the gun behind his brother’s head while lying on the couch while watching YouTube videos and pulling the trigger.

In an interview with the police, Brayden admitted that he knew there was a round in the gun room.
Brayden ‘pressed the barrel of the gun to the left back of the victim’s head and squeezed the trigger. He did this because the victim did not follow his orders while playing the cops and robbers. He admitted that he was angry with the victim because he did not listen to him. ”

Young people were fatally injured. The bullet went straight through the skull of the nine-year-old boy.

The father of men, Mark Snyder, explained the presence of unsafe and loaded weapons at home as ‘for home protection’.

After hitting his brother, Brayden put the gun back on the sofa and called 911 to report a drop compared to affidavit.
When paramedics came home, the child was experiencing severe and cardiac arrest.

He later died in the Waynesboro Hospital due to his injuries.

Brayden Leroy Wright GoFoundMe

GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family with their legal fees and funeral expenses along with counseling for the other children in the family including the boys’ three sisters.

‘Yesterday forever changed all our lives. We not only lost a 9yr old precious little boy, but we could potentially lose his 13yr old brother,’ the fund raising site states.

The boys’ guardians were not facing any charges as of Sunday.

Brayden will appear in court on Monday for a preliminary hearing.