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Brian Sicknick
Brian Sicknick

Brian Sicknick Wiki – Brian Sicknick Bio

Authorities say Brian Sicknick is a US Capitol Police who died from injuries sustained during a pro-Trump riot at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. The US Capitol Police Department said in a statement that Sicknick was injured “while physically engaged” with the rebels. He died at 9:30 pm. He said episode on January 7.

The officer’s death was first reported by Nexstar Media Group correspondent Alexandra Limon and The New York Times. The circumstances surrounding his death remain uncertain. Nexstar Media Group, which owns several local news stations, reports that he was hit with a fire extinguisher in his head and suffered a stroke. Sicknick, 42, was a New Jersey native.

“Officer Brian D. Sicknick was injured while dealing with protesters on Wednesday and returned to the departmental office where he collapsed,” NBC News said.

After the officer’s death reports circulated, the Daily Beast reported that he was not dead, but that he was on a ventilator with a blood clot in his brain and “did not look good”. According to Limon, he was kept on life support until his parents came to see him. Only then was he dead.

According to the WGN, the officer was shot in the head “by a rebel”. The name or political affiliation of the suspect was not clear immediately. It was the second death from Capitol riots; A San Diego Trump supporter named Ashli ​​Babbitt was shot and killed by another Congress Police officer while entering through a window into a lobby area where Congressmen took refuge after escaping as the crowd came to the Capitol. Three other people died from medical accidents.

Brian Sicknick Age

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Brian Sicknick Death & Cause

Sicknick was responding to the riots while on duty at the US Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, and was injured in a physical altercation with members of the Trump supporters gang who raided the building, Capitol Police said. The department said, “He returned to the departmental office and collapsed.” He was taken to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds.

According to The New York Times, it is not clear what caused Sicknick’s death, although it was reported that his head was shot with a fire extinguisher.

“It was not clear whether the blunt force killed him; “The Times may have caused the death of a chemical agent, citing a source,” he said.

The newspaper reported that the FBI was investigating the officer’s death “as a possible federal murder case”. According to Capitol Police, Sicknick’s death is D.C. The Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Division will be investigated by the US Capitol Police and federal partners.


Brian Sicknick Background

According to The Daily Beast, Sicknick was a former Air National Guard who served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Endless Freedom. Sicknick was from New Jersey and lived in Springfield, Virginia.

According to Capitol Police, Sicknick joined the department in July 2008 and was appointed to the department’s First Responder Unit. “The entire department expresses the deepest sympathy for Officer Sicknick’s family and friends for his loss and mourns the loss of a friend and colleague.”

Capitol Police Chief Resigned After Questions About Capitol Security

After entering the crowded Capitol, rebels occupying offices, running on the Senate floor, etc. Questions arose like why the Capitol Police were not better prepared and even wandered inside.

President Steven Sund announced that after the union president criticized the police response, the officers would rule, saying “they were disappointed and demoralized”, according to the NBC report.

Former US Capital Police Chief Terrance Gainer told The Today Show that the Capitol Police’s response to the riots was a “failure” and “raised many questions.”

“There are clearly failures,” he said. to the television station. “There must be many questions asked and answers given. What is very clear is that the police underestimated the violent crowd and its size and exaggerated their ability to control. ”

Democratic Representatives Tim Ryan from Ohio and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, who chaired the House Legislative Branch Allocations Subcommittee and the House Appropriations Committee, respectively, made a statement after Sicknick’s death.

“We are heartbroken after the senseless death of US Capital Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, who was injured on duty yesterday during the violent attack on the Capitol. “Our MPs, our prayers are with family, friends and colleagues in the police force,” he said. “This tragic loss should remind us all of the courage of law enforcement officers, colleagues, Congress personnel, press unions and other key workers who protected us yesterday.”

DeLauro and Ryan added, “To honor the memory of Officer Sicknick, we must make sure that the crowd that attacked the House of People and those who provoked them are held fully accountable.”

DeLauro and Ryan previously called for a review of law enforcement’s response to the riot and preparedness before the events. Its committees oversee the department’s budget.

According to The Hill, more than 50 officers were injured in the Capitol riots, and 15 were hospitalized.

Congress was discussing the election college’s certification when a crowd violated the Capitol. Some of the Capitol insiders have been identified as pro-Trump and Q-Anon followers.

There were reports of a rostrum being held, people walking around Senate chambers, and even a rebel posing on the podium while another was sitting at the desk of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.