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Carson King
Carson King

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YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster Carson King was once again part of the controversy after claiming on Twitter that he was used to sexually texting with underage fans. Now, the YouTuber Keemstar, who was fueling the fire, posted a screengrab video where Carson could be seen during an intimate conversation with a 17-year-old boy.

“An 18-year-old girl posted this video on Twitter, claiming that Call Me Carson was grooming her when she was 17! # DramaAlert.” The 28-second video describes in detail the whole conversation that Carson was visible: “All I know is right now every time I get frustrated. I’m really having a hard time not thinking of you” and “My brain has been stimulated and now she wants more. “gave the answer. “These are all so sexually explicit that I can’t help you,” Carson says. The video also reveals many sexually explicit texts shared between the two.

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The news first came to light in a Twitter post claiming that Carson was involved in sending sexual messages to underage girls. The tweets were posted by a girl named Sam, and on my old account I jokingly tweeted “Carson,” she didn’t respond to the tweet that said “be my boyfriend” and went straight to my dms. Ss but I have incompatible messages. More ”

Sharing some screenshots from the chat, the person further said, “Heres a few things he has said to me.” The accuser also posted a screenshot where Carson is asking for nudes.

As soon as these screenshots appeared, the internet split into two groups. While one was supporting Sam and bumping Carson, others suggested that both Carson and the girl were teenagers at the time the screenshots were taken and that she should not be the only one to blame for texting her first.

One user wrote: “To be honest Keem, I know you don’t care what I think, and I respect it, but it just blew me away. Carson was definitely like a reptile, but the fact that she continued to agree seems to be the only reason this comes up for them (1 / 2) How their “and” relationship “ended, probably sudden and harsh. I feel like he’s been overly victim, as if he didn’t do anything wrong. Especially since they were both aware of Yaş’s conflict of interest and easily upset him, he could say no. (2/2) “Someone else shared a screenshot and said” I’m not saying he’s right but read his head Leave 3 comments on this screenshot and “first he posted it and wanted to do it but he doesn’t regret it” again he didn’t say he was innocent, but until he did these comments alone is wrong. ”