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Casey Christopher Goodson Jr
Casey Christopher Goodson Jr

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An Ohio deputy sheriff killed a 23-year-old boy in front of his grandmother’s door, following “verbal exchanges” with law enforcement, officials and family members, in a statement Sunday.

The loved ones of Casey Christopher Goodson Jr. said they were “overly concerned” about the Columbus murder on Friday and demanded a thorough investigation.

Casey Christopher Goodson Jr Killed

Columbus police said in a statement that a Franklin County deputy sheriff working with the US Marshals Service fugitive task force “reported witnessing a man with a gun.”

According to the sheriff’s statement, “The deputy sheriff was investigating the situation and there are verbal reports of change. The MP fired on Mr. Casey Goodson and ended in his death.” “A gun was captured from Mr. Goodson. The person wanted by the US Police Service was not Mr. Goodson.”

Sean Walton, the lawyer representing the family, said Goodson’s loved ones were skeptical of his proxy’s version of the fatal encounter.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Walton told NBC News on Monday. “Who is swinging a gun out the window in the street? This is not a music video. This is real life. ”

Goodson was authorized to carry a gun under secret, and Ohio does not prohibit the open carrying of firearms, according to a statement from the Walton company.

The young man went to the dentist that day and bought three Subway sandwiches before he was killed in front of his 72-year-old grandmother and two young children.

According to Walton, Goodson parked in front of the house crossed the front yard, and entered the house through the side entrance when he was shot.

“There is no reason or reason why any of this happened,” Walton said. He fell and died in his own kitchen.

According to Walton, when Goodson’s grandmother heard the little boys’ guns and screams, she rushed to the kitchen, where the helper pointed her gun at the family members and ordered them out of the house. His lawyers said the family saw the sandwiches next to Goodson’s body but did not see the gun.

“There is nothing that Casey claims or says would justify the shooting while walking home from the car,” Walton said. “In fact, he put his key in the door when he was hit. The key was hanging in the door even hours after he was shot.”

Columbus police said the MP, a 17-year veteran of the agency, did not have a body camera. Deputies in this county are not required to wear a body camera.

The union representative representing Franklin County deputies was not immediately reached for comment on Monday.