shot dead after she witnesses : Cayla Campos Wiki, Age, Bio, Family,Boy Friend, Shot, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Cayla Campos Wik

A young woman Cayla Campos who was playing Pokémon Go on her phone was shot dead after witnessing a robbery while playing the game.  Cayla Campos, 21, was with her boyfriend, Sidney, on Friday night near Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Cayla Campos Age

She was 21 years old.

Cayla Campos Death

Campos spotted two people in the area robbing someone who was sitting in their car.

As she turned around to drive away, a number of shots were fired into her own vehicle according to KRQE.

She was hit by one of the bullets in the back of her neck and ended up crashing her car into an empty home. She later died from her injuries.

No one has yet been arrested in connection with the killing and police are asking for the public’s help in identifying possible suspects.

Cayla Campos Father

In a Facebook post, Campos’s father called his daughter a ‘very special person’ who was ‘murdered in cold blood’.

‘You’ll never leave my mind baby! I don’t know how to live without you,’ her father wrote in the heartbreaking message.

Cayla Campos Cousin

Campos’s cousin said she was the ‘sister I never had’ who was ‘so beautiful and kind and loving.’

‘I don’t understand and I’m so sad and I’m angry and I wish you [were] still here,’ her cousin wrote. ‘My heart is broken, and that’s an understatement. We were supposed to go on so many more adventures.’

Campos close to her apartment when she was shot and doing what she does every night.

Cayla Campos Boy Friend

Her and her boyfriend always make a loop around this park before they go home and play Pokemon Go because their apartment is literally right there,’ friend Cody Bell said to KRQE.

‘I am really trying hard not to break down right now,’ Bell said. ‘I feel like there is a piece of me that is missing now.’

‘She has helped me through everything, and she has always been there,’ Bell continued. ‘Now, she is gone.’

‘She was just such an amazing person. She was my closest friend. I am just devastated that she is gone.’