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Cecily Aguilar
Cecily Aguilar

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Cecily Aguilar, the estranged wife of the Fort Hood soldier, was also concerned with the death of Vanessa Guillen, told Kwaham.

Authorities told Kwaham that the evidence they had against the young soldier Aaron Robinson went until the day when Guillen disappeared after seeing him in an armored parking lot. Speaking to Kwaham, Robinson, foreign wife of Fort Hood soldier Cecily Aguilar is also involved.

Robinson was not the one who called Guillen to his job on April 22 the day he was last experienced, but Kwaham was responsible for killing him.

Vanessa Guillen Murder

At this point, a controversy arose and Robinson told Guillen he would not ruin his military career. Then he grabbed a hammer and bludgeoned to kill him, said Kwaham, leaving blood all over the arsenal.

Robinson later hid Guillen’s body in a Pelican case, hid it in the arsenal room and left the base to pick up supplies. He returned that evening and took the case to Lake Leon.

Kwaham said that Robinson determined that he could not dispose of Guillen, and in turn, contacted Aguilar and asked him for help. Robinson and Aguilar later used a machete to smash Guillen’s body. They used cement to cover body parts and get rid of the evidence.

After leaving the scene, the suspects threw a machete, hammer, and a mobile phone through a car window.

Although a witness saw Robinson leaving the base on April 22 in the Pelican case, no orders were issued until the investigators found the remains.

Officials told Kwaham that Guillen’s face was behaving so badly that the authorities could barely use dental records because their teeth were crushed during the terrible attack. Kwaham said it was identified by hair strands.

So far, no details have been given about Guillen’s mother’s brutal attack or remains have been found. At a press conference on Wednesday, Guillen’s sister stated that her mothers were in bed, that she was taking medication, and did not adapt to the media.

Vanessa Guillen suspects Aaron David Robinson and Cecily Aguilar

The authorities identified two suspects in Guillen’s disappearance. One of the suspects was identified by Khawam as Aaron David Robinson, another soldier whom he said was someone who abused him in Guillen’s unit. According to army investigators, Robinson killed himself on Wednesday when local law enforcement officials in Killeen attempted to arrest him. A second suspect, identified only as the wife of a foreign soldier, was in Bell County Prison, awaiting civilian authorities’ charges.

The seven-member Army investigation team began Tuesday’s investigation and will conclude its work on Friday by focusing on three goals: reviewing the implementation of the sexual harassment program in Fort Hood, assessing whether the command environment supports soldiers’ reporting incidents, sexual harassment and sexual assault, and possible program related to the program in Fort Hood. identifying resource constraints as well as systemic problems.