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Charles Polevich
Charles Polevich

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Charles Polevich surrendered to the police on February 17, five days after the tragic hit-and-run incident that killed Nicki Minaj’s father.

On February 17, Charles Polevich surrendered himself to the authorities after the fatal hit-and-run incident on February 12, which caused the death of Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, at the age of 64. Charles is accused of abandoning the crash site. playing with a death and evidence. The police verbally confirmed to HollywoodLife that Charles was arrested on this charge in New York. Learn more about the man accused in this horrible incident and how Nicki Minaj and her beloved family dealt with the situation.

Charles Polevich Age

He is 70 years old.

Charles Polevich Background

Very little details are known about Charles at the moment. According to WABC ABC NY 7, there is no criminal history or “any driving license history”. He is originally from Guam and lives in Mineola located in Nassau County of Long Island. Charles is 70 years old.

Police Statement

On February 17, the Nassau District Police Department issued an updated statement regarding the incident. An excerpt from the updated statement shared SPECIALLY with HL “The Murder Squad reported the arrest of 70-year-old Charles Polevich.” “He is accused of leaving the scene of an accident with death and altering evidence. The defendant will be tried in Mineola on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. ”

Charles Polevich Arrest & Charge

Nassau County Police announced at a press conference from the police station that 70-year-old Charles Polevich from Guam had turned himself into a cop. Polevich also owns a house on Long Island.

Police said that on February 12, 64-year-old Robert Minaj was walking north on the highway on Roslyn Road at 18:15, when a 1992 white Volvo station wagon was also struck north. Polevich initially stopped but then continued.

Maraj was taken to the hospital where he died overnight.

The police followed the vehicle to Polevich’s home in Mineola using various “video clips”.

On Wednesday, he was accused of leaving the scene of a car accident and falsifying evidence. There is no previous criminal record, the police added.

Polevich was released on bail after a hearing at the Nassau County court. As a result of his arrest, his driver’s license was suspended, he was ordered to hand over his passport, and a judge said he could not leave the state.

“He was absolutely aware of what was happening,” said Det. Steven Fitzpatrick. “He got out of the car and looked at the deceased, got into his car, and instead of calling the man an ambulance, he deliberately decided to leave. He went home and abandoned the vehicle. He’s in good shape. He knows what he’s doing.”

Nicki Minaj, 38, was born in Trinidad to Onika Tanya Maraj and grew up in Queens. He did not make any statements about his father’s death.

The police said they were “in constant contact with the family” throughout their investigation.

Minaj has mentioned in the past that she has a strained relationship with her father.

In interviews, he said Robert Maraj suffered from drug addiction and abused his mother, once setting fire to their house inside.

Minaj referred to her father in the 2008 song “Autobiography”: “They should throw the book at you because I hate you so much that it burns when I look at you.”

Robert Maraj described his daughter’s claims as “exaggerated.”

Nicki Minaj Statement

Nicki has yet to make an official statement in the days following her father’s death. How close the two were before her tragic pass is unknown. Nicki welcomed her first child with her husband, Kenneth Petty, in early fall 2020. Ever since she gave birth to her son, the “Anaconda” rapper loves “every minute” of motherhood.