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Charles 'Popeye' Warner
Charles 'Popeye' Warner

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US Attorney Donald Cochran identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the bomber in the Christmas Day explosion that shook downtown Nashville on Sunday, December 27th. Now, the investigation team has determined what might have prompted him to commit a crime. Anthony’s father died of dementia after a career working for BellSouth, a telecommunications company. His death fueled Anthony’s 5G conspiracy theories and made him believe that 5G cellular technology is killing people. Anthony allegedly targeted the AT&T transmission building in Nashville due to conspiracy theories.

Charles ‘Popeye’ Warner Age

Charles ‘Popeye’ Warner 63 years old.

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His former boss, Steve Fridrich, told Nashville Tennessean that 63-year-old local real estate company Fridrich & Clark Realty is working in information technology as a freelance computer technician for Green Hills and other businesses. Anthony abruptly resigned this month after working for the real estate agent for at least four years, Fridrich reported to the newspaper as “completely out of character.” Anthony died in the suspected suicide blast and was identified on December 27 from DNA in fragmented form. RV. According to a source close to the investigation, Anthony was “heavily involved in conspiracy theories”.


Since the introduction of the lightning-fast 5G network, various unfounded theories claim it was a tool to spy on Americans, while others claim it triggered the spread of Covid-19. Electronic devices seized at Anthony’s former home in Antakya, a suburb of Nashville, were sent to a digital forensics lab to unlock his online activity and find out where he was discussing his distorted beliefs. “We are waiting for the digital footprint that should ultimately give us some answers. The unofficial motive so far was that the suspect believed 5G was the source of all deaths in the region and would be hailed as a hero,” the source said.


Now, agents are investigating whether Quinn’s telecommunications theory began after Charles B Warner, father, died of dementia in July 2011 at age 78. According to the death certificate received by DailyMail.com, Charles, nicknamed Popeye, died of dementia after spending his career working at BellSouth, a former AT&T subsidiary that reunited the company in 2006. His family was involved in an ugly dispute over the property, and Anthony was sued by his own mother.


According to Davidson County court records, Anthony’s brother, 62, Steven Warner died in September 2018 without a will. Their mother, Betty Lane, who divorced Charles years before her death, argued that the old family home that passed from Charles to Steven should legally belong to her. Acting as “actually lawyer”, according to the lawsuit filed by Anthony, in August 2018, he fraudulently claimed a $ 250,000 home for himself in an annulment transfer. The unmarried Anthony then mysteriously gave it to a 29-year-old woman named Michelle Louise Swing, who lives in Los Angeles.


Charles died on July 5, 2011, at the age of 78. Survived by his sons Steve and Tony Warner; daughter Teresa Wardrop (Jimmie); brothers James, Lawrence and Billy Warner; and his grandson Shawn Godwin.