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Charlotte Newman
Charlotte Newman

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Charlotte Newman, who has been in Amazon Web Services (AWS) since January 2017, filed a lawsuit against the company and its current and former accused executives in a Washington DC district court on Monday, March 1. The discrimination, according to Newman’s attorney Douglas Wigdor, began shortly after he was hired at Amazon for the position of director of public policy in Washington, which was lower than the position he originally applied for, despite his greater qualifications Wigdor, a famous entertainment lawyer, told the US TODAY. Wigdor said he accepted his client’s “Level 6” job at Amazon because he was told that his responsibilities would only require him to carry out US domestic policy work. However, the report added that after nine months, he found himself doing a “Level 7” internationally based business outside the US, including locations in Canada and Latin America.

E-commerce giant Amazon found itself under the scanner after one of its top executives, a woman of color, was sued by two current executives for alleged racial and gender discrimination and sexual harassment by a third former executive. She also blamed the tech giant for wage inequality.

Charlotte Newman Backdrop of discrimination claims

Newman’s trial comes after several published reports of Black Amazon employees who have long accused the company of racism and discrimination. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Newman worked for three years as top advisors for New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and the House Financial Services Committee, litigation and three other members of Congress who served on his LinkedIn profile before joining Amazon. status.

According to the case, Newman was also earning significantly less than his white colleagues while doing similar jobs. Wigdor said that more than two and a half years after Newman’s arrival, he had been promoted to the Level 7 position.

Charlotte Newman Harassment claims

Newman also accuses former AWS director Andres Maz of sexual harassment and assault by waving his “top of his thigh” under a table during a business dinner and pulling his braided hair while trying to leave a bar during another work-related incident.

The lawsuit also accuses AWS director Steve Block, who was his first boss, of discrimination, including being “too direct” and “aggressive” in his communication style. The lawsuit said Maz was fired after Amazon conducted an internal investigation and asked Block to receive training. Maz was not immediately reached for comment.

Wigdor said that Newman had decided to talk about what happened after he started working from home due to the epidemic and what happened after the deadly police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor led to a global racial showdown.

When asked why Newman didn’t make a financial deal or get a new job, Wigdor said he refused to settle into Amazon because this would likely include a confidentiality clause that would prohibit talking about his experiences.

Wigdor, a prominent entertainment lawyer representing six women who accused Hollywood king Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, said Newman had some concerns about “retaliation for his appearance”.

The lawyer added that Newman had no intention of leaving Amazon because he wanted to see the company make big changes in its recruiting and diversity initiatives.

“Mrs. Newman wants to change from within, and that’s why she’s still there,” Wigdor told the US TODAY. She will try to make change, so she wants to make it public. He hopes Amazon will make the necessary changes as one of the largest companies in the world. ”

Newman wants to change from within

“Mistress. Wigdor told TODAY, Newman wants to change from within, and that’s why he’s still there,” he said. “He’s going to try to make change, so he wants to make it public.

In a recent interview with Recode, Newman said that the discrimination started when he joined Amazon, and the situation has worsened in the past four years. “There’s deep emotional pain. Newman said in an interview, all the hard work, all the sacrifices I made, my education – none of this saved me from a predator and feared what else he could do.”

“At the very least, Amazon could have taken better measures to protect employees,” Newman said, adding: “A company the size of Amazon should have clear guidelines on what will happen if you report what your rights are … [and] report Make sure that the person who abused you does not need to contact you when you do. ”

Recode spoke to 10 Black employees who said they or someone they know at Amazon had been hired at a lower level of qualifications than justified – a practice called “downgrade”.

Amazon came up with an emailed statement: “Amazon is working hard to promote a diverse, egalitarian and inclusive culture, and these claims do not reflect those efforts or our values. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment and we will thoroughly investigate all allegations and take appropriate action. We are currently investigating the new allegations contained in this case. “